11 Critical Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Dissertation Writer

11 Critical Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Dissertation Writer

Hiring a dissertation writer is a big gamble. The dissertation carries maximum grades. That is why you need to be careful whilst selecting the proper dissertation writing service. If your dissertation expert fails to deliver quality work, on time, then it might very well cost you your degree. That is something you should avoid at all costs.  That is why you need to be 100% sure that you are hiring the right dissertation help writer and more importantly the perfect dissertation help service provider. A good dissertation help provider will change the expert on your request. Therefore it is more important to choose the proper dissertation writing service provider. 

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11 Factors to Consider Before Hiring A Dissertation Writer

In the meantime, check out the critical factors you should consider before hiring a dissertation expert: 

Reputation of the Firm 

The first and foremost thing to check is the reputation of the dissertation writing company. It is always good to cross-check with your friends who have already taken help. This will give you a kind of relief to know whether or not the service provider is legit. 

Experience of the Writer 

Experience makes things better. If your writer already has experience of writing 10 or 12 dissertations then it is likely that he/she will give quality work. They will know the chronology of the chapters and you will get more by not having to explain every single detail. 

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Track Record 

The overall track record of the company is another critical factor. The longer the company has remained operational in the assignment help market the better the chances are that you will get a quality dissertation work. 


Understanding the core requirements is one of the main factors demarcating a good dissertation writing service from a regular one. Some companies fail to understand the topic and the writers are unable to cater to the aim and objective of the dissertation. Good dissertation help providers will not only be a subject matter expert but also will understand the crux of the topic of the research. 

Intent of Incorporating the Professor’s Feedback

Your professor will keep on giving you feedback after every chapter. A proper dissertation writer will do well to include them before the next submission. This helps you to be in your guide’s good book. A bad writer would invariably ignore the comments and due to his/her own callous behavior will make you lose marks. 

Ability to Give Advice 

An experienced dissertation writing expert will know how to write and present the paper. He/she can give you solid advice on topic selection and data analysis. He/she will know how to conduct the research thereby making your dissertation paper a very high scoring one. 

Constantly Available 

A dissertation project goes on for two to three months. Thus constant availability of the dissertation expert guides is always a key factor. In an unreliable assignment help organization, the initial writer who worked on your Introduction and Literature Review sections might suddenly disappear. Then another temporary expert takes over. This makes your dissertation sounds conflicting and your university professor will quickly sniff out the anomaly. 

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Tenure of Operation 

The number of years the assignment help company is operative is another decisive factor determining the success of your dissertation work. With experience, the company itself can assist you properly during the time of your research project. From selecting the topic to writing the initial proposal, the company can give you quality support all throughout the duration of your project. 

Knowledge About the Subject 

Expertise in the subject matter is a very important parameter for choosing your right dissertation writer. A confident expert will not be afraid to be quizzed, by you. You can ask him/her about his/her respective experience in the subject matter and how the individual plans to go about your dissertation. This initial assessment will also boost your confidence in the writer and the homework help the company itself. 

Information About Journal 

Journal articles and peer-reviewed articles are the lifelines of all dissertation work. Your dissertation project should be based on recent works done on the field. A good thesis writer should know about these journals and should be able to use them appropriately in your dissertation write-up. 

Knowledge about Referencing and Indexing 

Using journal articles and peer-reviewed articles is important but citing these articles is also quite critical. Many students lose valuable marks by using wrong referencing and in-text citations. A good dissertation writer will help you get rid of this kind of headache. Be it Harvard or APA, Chicago or MLA, a professional dissertation expert will ensure that you are graded the highest marks in the referencing category. 

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