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How to Write A Critical Essay?

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Writing a critical essay for nursing assignment is definitely a challenging task. A critical analysis in medical care, pertaining to nursing, will require you to know the different theories of nursing. You need to critique any given topic or issue pertaining to healthcare of the United Kingdom or Australia or the United States or the world in general. A good nursing critique essay tests your research and analysis skills. It challenges you to evaluate a topic on the basis of the peer review journals and also your own understanding and deduction. 

Critical thinking ability is a must when you are working on a nursing essay. However, you cannot deduce to any conclusion only equipped with your own experience and understanding. That is why critical essays in nursing compels you to dig deep into the top quality healthcare research libraries like PubMed, NCBI, Google Scholar, and also your own university library. The more you research the more understanding you will again, as far as your nursing homework is concerned. 

nursing critical essay

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Best Tips for Writing Nursing Critical Essay

Conduct thorough Research

Conducting a thorough research on the topic is crucial for writing a critical essay in nursing. Without the help of some contemporary peer reviewed journal articles you cannot back your own argument. You need to give proper references to add weight to your statement and to prove your hypothesis. Critical essays in nursing demands you to analyze a certain situation or a condition in the healthcare industry. That essentially means that you have to shed light on both sides of the arguments, framing your analysis in a proper manner. More the number of your references and cross-references better is your analysis. Also if you are analyzing any recent trend in medical science or any case pertaining to any patient it is advisable to give references to recent journal articles than the older ones. Journal articles which are published 3 years ago or before the date of your write-up are often considered to be proper sources. 

Highlight Various Aspects of the Subject

Do remember that critical essays are not argumentative essays. That means that you do not have to take a side and keep on supporting that throughout the entire piece. Rather you should throw some lights on every aspect of the topic. For instance if you are conducting a critical review of the impact of dementia on older adults then you must cover all the elements in the form of the causes of dementia, which particular cause specifically triggers it, whether or not there is a particular group of adults which are more prone to dementia, along with many other angles like that. Then you can write about the recent findings on dementia and what are the medical experts saying on this matter. Once you cover all the probable aspects on the matter your critical review will appear to be more comprehensive by nature. So it is vital that you dig deep into your subject and try and present as many perspectives as possible. 

Present it in a Systematic Manner 

Once you have done your research on the various aspects of the critical review you must make sure that you present them in a proper and systematic manner. Haphazardly presenting your findings will make the essay lose its track and the analysis will not be comprehensive. For that reason, you must divide the essay into proper sections and demonstrate each aspect along with proper reference in separate parts of the essay. In this regard it is important to keep in mind that you should give your essay a perfect introduction where the central theme of the essay will be present and a conclusion summarizing all your findings. 

Give proper Citation

Citing your sources is very important when you are critically analyzing any topic of nursing. Without proper citations your arguments will be without adequate substance. Citing peer reviewed journals gives your argument more weight. Otherwise, it will appear as if you are making things up which is not at all good for any critical essay in nursing. Also you will lose credibility and also grades if you do not cite your sources well. The more citations you provide the better your critical nursing review will appear. 

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