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How to Write Essay About Education?

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Education has been defined as a tool to gain knowledge or appropriate skills through various means like teaching, storytelling, discussions, training which helps students not only to learn but it definitely changes various things in an individual which includes the way they think, their belief, feelings and also how they act.

Formal education has been divided into various stages which include preschool, primary school, secondary schools and then college and university education.

education essay

How to write an essay based on education?

1st Paragraph:

The first paragraph should always begin by describing the subject of your writing.

  • You can begin with a beautiful quote by famous personality on the importance of education in one‘s life like for example –  Benjamin Franklin, America’s greatest statesman once said -the root of education is bitter but the fruit it gives is sweet.
  • Describe what education in your own words is – education is a process of gaining knowledge through an individual learns certain values and ethics.
  • The etymology of the term “education” which has itself developed from a Latin word “educatio” which means ‘ a bringing up’ or ‘rearing’

2nd Paragraph:

This paragraph should briefly discuss as to why education is important?

  • Take better decisions life – Education undoubtedly makes an individual capable of making better decisions as he/she shall now analyze and think about things more carefully and analytically.
  • Improves body language and communication skills- education helps an individual to improve and build a better personality and his/her communication skills also improve as they are able to converse more intellectually.
  • Better lifestyle and livelihood- In today’s world, the probability of an educated person getting employment and leading a comfortable lifestyle is much higher than an uneducated person.
  • A person who is educated can live a life more independently as he/she has economic freedom and is not dependent on anyone.

3rd Paragraph:

This paragraph should concisely describe the condition of education in the United States of America and the world beyond with a highlight on the Bill of Rights.

  • Describe the literacy rate in the USA and compare it with countries like India, poor African nations and other developing and developed nations.
  • Describe what is Bill of rights; 
  1. A group of rights is introduced in the Bill of Rights which applies to all young as well as adult citizens.
  2. It introduced free public education to all its citizens, without any discrimination based on economic conditions, religion, colour, sex, etc.
  • Many federal laws have also been introduced in order to prevent protect students against discrimination based on the education system which includes sexual orientation or medical disabilities like HIV.
  • The right to education here also gives you a right to equal opportunities, which is one of the most valuable rights and if someone feels that he/she is being deprived of these rights he can take immediate help of the concerned authorities which would quickly take action against the discrimination.

4th Paragraph:

This paragraph shall discuss the loopholes and developments in the education system of the USA.

The public educational institution introduced by the American government has been facing many problems like lower grades, increased amount of stress among students and growing amount of school drops because of which certain reforms and steps were taken which are as follows:

  • Introduction of many federal and state programs like- ‘No child left behind’ and ‘Education Trusts’.
  • Also, many organizations have been continuously working on various methods to improve the education system in America. In 2008 the funding of National Education Summit showcased the alarming rates of education in which only 68% of the 9th graders shall graduate.
  • There should be proper training and recruitment of teachers in which many US schools have been lacking behind.
  • The reducing age of computer udders in school has significantly contributed to making education a fun-filled experience.

5th Paragraph:

This paragraph shall be the concluding paragraph describing how education can be a tool for success. This paragraph should not describe any extra content or data and simply summarise the total essay giving your personal thought.

The work should not be submitted without proofreading.  

Never plagiarise the content and always use references in order to give credits and acknowledge the other writers and researchers.

As Kofi Annan once said that “education is a premise to progress in every society, in every family”. Education definitely brings in a stream of opportunities allowing people to flourish at a wider scale and certainly helps in developing certain values and ethics along with morals which helps any individual to succeed in life.

Education empowers people, as the one who is uneducated remains unaware of his rights and isn’t able to claim them and further remains suppressed the entire life like for example a woman in a strict patriarchal family which is completely against empowering and educating females, here women shall always remain suppressed or dominated by the so-called superior gender because in future she shall not place demands as she would remain unaware of her rights and claims.

Lack of education has created a web of disharmony which includes discrimination, disparity, suppression, health hazards as most uneducated people unaware of vaccination, poor livelihood and living standard, etc.

Education definitely works as a weapon or tool only when it’s imparted adequately, equally and correctly to all.

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