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10 Spring Break Party Ideas for College Students

By HWA | Publish On: March 30, 2015 | Posted In:

Many colleges and universities might have started or yet to start their spring break for this year. Every year spring break comes and goes and I guess you hardly remember the last year’s spring break and what you’d done on spring break. This year, make it memorable by throwing a simple yet creative spring break party with your friends and buddies. So, get ready and gear up for this year’s spring break party ideas.

Spring Break Party Ideas for College Students

Here are some ideas that you can put to use for this year’s spring break party.

Toga Theme Party: If you and your friends want to do something different for spring break party, you can think of Toga theme. Toga was a garment worn in ancient Rome. It was mainly worn by Roman citizens. It can be difficult to find Toga dresses today, but you can do it with bed sheets wrapped around as Togas.

Tax Spring Break Party Theme: Tax Spring Break party will be more favored by finance, commerce and income tax students. With Tax Day falling on April 15th this year, you could throw in a sprig break party with tax as the theme. You can decorate the party space with fake money, receipts or you could incorporate those ridiculously incomprehensible tax laws.

College Game Theme Party: If you and your friends are fans of one of your college sports. Then, try to incorporate it as your party theme. If you are a fan of basket ball, then you could have a party with basket ball theme like playing your college’s recent tournaments on TV or something like that.

April Fool’s Day Theme: If your Spring Break falls between March and April, then you could arrange for a party on April Fool’s Day and have a theme with the same concept. The concept involves deception and mischief to a great extent. Make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Luau Theme Party: As you know, Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party. Use it as your theme for spring break. If you live in coastal area, then this theme would be good and perfection would be to have this theme on the beach.

Easter Theme Party: You could also have an Easter themed party. Easter is not such a bad idea for spring break theme, isn’t it? It perfectly coincides with spring break and it is also one of the best themes to have, if you love the idea.

Barbecue Themed Party: If you love barbecues and outdoor cooking, you can include this as a theme for this spring break. As one person can’t afford all the stuff, so you could ask your friends to share stuff and have a great time.

Casino Themed Party: Most of us dream about Vegas and the best casinos there, but can hardly afford a trip back and forth, right? So, if we can’t go to Vegas, let’s bring Vegas home. Have a Vegas style Casino party with gambling, shooting dice, blackjack, poker, etc.

1920’s Gangster Themed Party: You could have a party where party goers will have to dress like gangsters, their pimps and thugs back in 1920s.

Graffiti Themed Party: For this party, the guests have to come plain white t-shirts and others are required to write what they think about him or her on the t-shirt. The writing gets interesting as people start getting drunk.

As no college party ever is free from alcohol, we request you to drink in moderation. Also, be very responsible in the party because there have been many accidents occurring in parties. Such accidents have hurt people and sometimes can be fatal. So, please be responsible in your actions.

From, we wish you a great spring break for this year.

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