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The Cornell Note Taking Method: The Best Way To Take Notes

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: May 31, 2022 | Posted In:
The Cornell Note Taking Method: The Best Way To Take Notes

cornell note taking method

Note Taking Area: Record the lecture as fully and as meaningfully as possible here

Cue Column: While you are in class taking notes, keep this column empty. Soon after class, reduce your notes to concise jottings as cues for Reciting, Reviewing, and Reflecting

Summaries: Sum up each page of your notes in a sentence or two

This format provides the perfect opportunity for following through with the 5 Rs of note taking:

Record: During the lecture, record as many meaningful fact and ideas as you can in the Note Taking Area

Reduce: As soon as possible after the lecture, summarize these facts and ideas concisely in the Cue column. Summarizing clarifies meanings and relationships, reinforces continuity, and strengthens memory

Recite: Cover the Note Taking Area and, using only your cue column, talk over the facts and ideas of the lecture as full as you can in your own words. Then verify what you said with the Note Taking Area

Reflect: Draw out opinions from your notes and use them as a starting point for your own reflections on the course and how it relates to your other courses. Reflection will help prevent ideas from being inert and soon forgotten

Review: Spend as least 10 minutes every week in quick review of all your notes, and you will retain most of what you have learned

Common Abbreviations for Note Taking

Common abbreviations for note taking

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