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Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for students

By HWA | Publish On: December 9, 2013 | Posted In:

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for students

Christmas is fast approaching and most of you guys must be waiting to make this year’s Christmas something special and memorable. Well, here are few inexpensive, thrifty and frugal Christmas tree decorative ideas for you. If your room is full of those unwanted and “too lazy to throw away” kind of things use them for something creative like Christmas tree and decorative.

Here are some Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Old magazine Christmas tree: If your room is filled with some old magazines or newspaper, you can use them to make a Christmas tree. Cut a bunch of pages and fold them lengthwise and arrange those pages like a cone. If you want some authenticity, then color it with green and add in some decorative like those glittering stickers and you have your own Christmas tree.

Decorative Calendar for December: Most people wait for the whole year for Christmas and they become so desperate and excited during the first weeks of December. Well, for those people who cant wait till Christmas, here’s a good way to count those days. Make a calendar for December by writing each date on each piece of paper and make a frame of it. Now add some decorative items to each date like a star, a bell, a balloon, reindeer, snowflake, etc. You could download the decorative items templates and make them very easily.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ideas for students

Pinecone Christmas Tree: If you happen to find a pinecone, you could make a simple desktop Christmas tree. All you need to do is to paint the pinecone in green color and add few glitters to it. The larger the glitter the better. You could also make few stars that you can stick on the pinecone Christmas tree.

Glittering bauble: As a decorative item, you could take some empty baubles and add in some clear oil along with glitter and shut it. Now when you shake the bauble, the glitter moves around and before settling, it gives an impression of a galaxy in a bottle. For a physics student, this would be very exciting.

Santa Hat Chair Covers: Another way to continue with the Christmas theme is to have Santa Hat as Chair Covers. Buy some large Santa Hats that can fit easily on chairs and you’re good to go. Buy them at cheap stores or in seconds so that you’ll save some money.

Old Jar Snowman: As a decorative, you could take old jars, paint them white and decorate them to be put as Snowman on your Christmas tree. Go for those old jars that are lying in your room. Or you could also use paper cups to make Snowman.

Light bulb Snowman: If you have old light bulbs that aren’t working any more, you could use them to make Snowman for putting them on your Christmas tree. Paint those bulbs in white color and throw in Snowman’s face and accessories and there you have it light bulb snowman.

Wreath Snowman: Alternatively, you could make a big Snowman and stick it on a wall or door. Take three wreaths which are progressively sized. Stick the biggest wreath in the bottom and progressively go up. You could add a ribbon around the neck as a scarf and a stick a hat on the top. Of course, don’t forget to put twig hands to the Snowman.

Paper cup Angels: You could also make paper cup Angles that can be used to decorate the Christmas tree. Take a white paper cup and add a pair of wings to either side of the cup. You could also cut a head shape from cardboard and stick it on the paper cup.

Paper candle holders: One elegant and splendid looking decorative item that you can make are candle holders. You could make them using baking paper or tracing paper or simple white paper can do the trick. Using ice cream sticks or larger bamboo peel sticks, make a sturdy frame and wrap around the papers. Make provision for air to circulate as well.

Wreath decorative for doors: You could make a wreath that can be put on your front door. Make this wreath by first making a frame and glue some of the green leaves of a Christmas tree. You could also glue some ribbons and flowers on the wreath as well.

With these Christmas decorative ideas, we hope you have a great time this Christmas and also save money on buying for Christmas.

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