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Top 5 Online Tutoring Websites

By HWA | Publish On: February 7, 2014 | Posted In:

Online tutoring has taken a very important role in imparting education in today’s fast paced world. In the recent times, online tutoring has grown from a privileged service for the elite to a service that anyone can afford. In the recent times, the cost of education has increased exponentially in private schools. Apart from the increase in the cost of education, children are also subject to intense competition to succeed. All this has been leading to hiring private tutors by parents for their children.  The cost of hiring private tutors has also increased and it has been putting a lot of burden, especially on parents to finance their children’s education. Apart from the cost involved, there is also the time factor that needs to be taken care of.

While in most cases, students might have to go the tutor’s place, in some cases, tutors also come home to teach. Home tutoring is perhaps much dearer than regular tuitions. Breaking this trend, online tutoring has emerged as a very good solution for both children as well as for tutors. Now, with the help of online tutoring, children can learn at any time of the day without even stepping out of their homes.

At the same time, tutors can also give special attention to individual students as most online tutoring sessions are one on one and not one to many. The quality time spent in the online tutoring session can result in improved understanding of difficult concepts by children and ultimately improve their grades.

Apart from the special attention that an online tutor offers to your child, the cost of an average online tutoring is very low when compared to conventional tutoring session.

Here are some of the websites that offer the best online tutoring services.

  • has been one of the pioneers in offering online tutoring for students ranging from K-12, high school, college and university. offers tutoring solutions in numerous subjects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The average cost of a tutoring session is $30 per hour with discounts on packages.
  • Kaplan Kaplan Kids is another website offering online tutoring. Kaplan offers online tutoring sessions for students studying K-12, high school, college and university. Kaplan Kids also offers a free trial period in which you can assess whether or not the tutor is good enough or not.
  • Live Live is yet another highly rated online tutoring program. Live Person offers services such as homework help, one on one tutoring and subject program. Subject program is a method where the student will be taught the entire subject depending upon how much the student knows the subject.
  • Insta Insta has been an emerging website offering online tutoring for high school, college and university students, with communication features such as chat box, headset, interactive whiteboard and video chat, etc. The price per hour ranges between $24 to $25.
  • Tutor Panorama: Tutor Panorama is another emerging online tutoring website. A close associate of Help With Assignment, Tutor Panorama has been offering online tutoring sessions which include remedial classes with special attention for weaker students. The emphasis is more on helping students understand the concepts better and the rest will follow. Apart from online tutoring services, Tutor Panorama also offers library of question and answers for students looking for quick preparations.

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