8 Popular Python Programming Assignment Projects

8 Popular Python Programming Assignment Projects

Some of the best Python programming projects are Web scraping with Python, alarm clock and other apps, keyword search, big data analysis, website development, computer vision, game development, and machine learning.

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Python language is widely used by the programmers to make the codes crisp and compact. It is a much more systematic and efficient coding method, compared to C++ or Java. The programming language has minimal powerful features and an automated memory management system. 

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8 Best Python Programming Projects for Assignments

Web Scraping with Python 

Web scraping is used for collecting information from a huge amount of data available on the net. There are many programming languages that can be used for scraping information from a website. However, according to programming experts, Python is one of the most effective tools for web scraping. This is because of the fact that Python generates a simpler code to understand and use. There is no need to put semi-colons and parentheses, unlike the older coding languages. Also, Python has a huge set of routinely updated libraries like Beautiful Soup.  This makes scraping easier. If you need assistance with web scraping projects then our Python assignment experts will help you solve the problem. 

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Alarm Clock and Other Apps

Our Python assignment experts can help you with your Python alarm clock creation programs. Our experts can create command line arguments which can print a wake-up message on the exact minute.

Keyword Search

Using NLTK library functions, documents can be scanned for given keywords besides summarizing the documents. These programs find applications in ad designs.

Big Data Analysis

Finding trends and patterns in the given datasets is the objective of such tasks. There are two types of these analyses: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), which visually presents 2 or 3 parameters and Correlation Analysis, which fits a high accuracy predictive model in a large number of variables.

Website Development

Python libraries like Django or Flask allow building browser-based apps, games and other tasks besides websites. These codes are much simpler than HTML based web-pages.

Computer Vision 

Using the OpenCV library, images can be processed in Python. In addition, machine learning of images is possible with tensorflow, pytorch et cetera. 

Game Development

We have experts familiar with tkinter and kivy, which facilitate GUI building for games. Backends of the games can be built with numpy, pandas and other libraries. Tic-tac-toe, 2048, Hangman: these and other logical, numerical, and word games have been done by us. Many games have solutions off-the-shelf.

Machine Learning 

Python offers powerful model making libraries like xgboost, besides building an ensemble of several models giving better accuracy. Our experts are fluent in theories like Hoeffding Inequality, Out-of-bag estimates, Bias-Variance trade-offs, related statistics and so on.

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