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Parkinson’s Law

Parkinsons Parkinson’s Law is an important law or theory which is useful in almost all business organizations and for the human resource management. In an ideal situation, an organization is comprised of skilled and experienced employees. The goal of most organizations is to maximize the output of each employee so that the output of the whole organization increases in the long run. This is the general or the logical conclusion at which most people arrive at and hence think that almost [...]


Human Capital Management

Human capital management is one of the emerging branches in human resources. Human capital is the accumulated worth of education, experience and skills present in employees which can be rented out to employers. The presence of skilled human capital today gives an edge in a cut throat competition, given the similar material capitals. It is the human creativity and ingenuity that has been playing a key role in designing new products and services and not the actual capital or [...]


International Accounting

What is Domestic Accounting? Domestic Accounting: an information specialty providing information about a firm to users of that information as a basis for economic decisions. What is International Accounting? International Accounting (defined): same as above except that the firm being reported on is a multinational company with operations and transactions that cross national boundaries or an entity with reporting obligations to non-domestic readers. What Does International Accounting Diversity Entail?   Measurement principles Financial disclosure (corporate transparency) Auditing practices Contributing Factors  Accounting’s international heritage Double-entry originates in the Italian city states. Bookkeeping [...]


Understanding Debt Capital and Eurobonds

Debt Capital When a company borrows funds, it creates a creditor rather than a shareholder. Debt capital occurs in a variety of forms. The simplest option is a fixed-rate, fixed-term, unsecured bank loan. Alternatively, a company can sell loan stock, either unsecured or in the form of debentures. Mortgage debentures are secured against specified assets of the company (usually land and buildings), while other debentures are secured against the current and future assets of the company in general. The advantage [...]


Online Remedial classes by HelpWithAssignment.com

Remedial classes are taken for students who fall behind in their basics and the advancement of the subject is not fully understood by them. Generally, students have an issue with subjects like math, science and English. If the teacher of these subjects takes a little care about the students like attending to them personally and explaining them the concept until they understand is the simple way, hard way and the only way through which weak students can understand the [...]


Understanding Circuit Laws and Circuit Analysis in Electrical Engineering

 Understanding Circuit Laws and Circuit Analysis in Electrical Engineering Circuit laws Two important laws are based on the physical properties of electric charges and these laws form the foundation of circuit analysis. They are Kirchhoff’s current law and Kirchhoff’s voltage law. While Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL) is based on the principle of conservation of electric charge, Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law (KVL) is based on the principle of energy conservation. Kirchhoff’s Current Law At any instant, the algebraic sum of the currents i entering a [...]