7 Tips To Write An Effective Essay To Get Good Grades

7 Tips To Write An Effective Essay To Get Good Grades

Tips for writing an essay

Writing an academic essay is an overwhelming process that even those with the proper skills have to fight at some point. When the submission deadline is near, it’s perfectly imaginable that you face bouts of anxiety thinking about how to write an essay. If you are anxious about your essay, just relax because we have something, we can help you with. Here are some tips on how to make an essay.

Choose an angle:

Before writing an essay, the first thing you should do is to determine the stance you will take for your essay. The prompt will ask you to address a question from a certain angle. Then only you have the liberty to agree or disagree with the points. Whether you agree or disagree, you need to keep in mind that certain requirements have to be maintained to establish your side of argument.

Tips to create a good stance:

  • Brainstorm your views, angles and ideas with your group.
  • Find out the wide angle according to your judgment faculties.
  • Research different reference materials to justify your stance.
  • Find out how relevant to the essay argument or outline your stance would be.

Need not Read through everything

Once you have decided about the stance you are taking, you can proceed to write the essay with ease. When you have a clear idea of what to write about, you may skip to read all the given reference list. Just take look at the list and decide which books will and won’t be useful for you depending on the title or even the list of contents.

Include signposts

While writing an essay, the first sentence usually provides a clear idea of what the paragraph is about. That is known as Signposting. Signpost paves the way for the readers to follow your train of thought and allows them to save time by getting a fair idea of what you are talking about.

Advantages of Signposts:

  • Paves the way for the further content in the essay
  • Gives an outline of how the topic would be dealt
  • Gives a punch or appeal or pun factor in the essay
  • Established relevance between the content of the essay and topic

Check a variety of sources

With a little effort you can transform an average essay to a straight A grade paper. You need to understand before moving on to explain how to carry it out. You need to pay close attention whether the articles and books you found your resources conveyed exactly what you are writing or not. Another thing to include is quoting the sources. If you are not quoting the sources, you need to rephrase what the text meant.

The Surprising elements

While preparing an essay, if you are not able to come up with any reason that surprises you or doesn’t find anything that gets you excited, it means that you’re not conducting your research well. Question yourself whether there is anything that surprise you about the subject or not.

Just a story

Generally, stories reflect change and conflict. The same goes for essays as well. But, in essay the point in difference is the conflict between the varied ideas. Also, the change lies in the way we you should reflect those ideas on the paper.

Arguments from different sides

To prepare an informative and elaborate essay, you need to prepare the arguments from different perspectives even before you begin working on it. Though you need to pick a particular side to elaborate on, presenting an opposing view will get you an idea of which points you need to emphasize on in your essay.

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