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Tips for cracking the A.P Test

By HWA | Publish On: April 16, 2014 | Posted In:

AP test or the Advanced Placement test is conducted by the College Board, the same board that conducts the SAT exams. The AP exam is basically taken by high school students to get admission into some of the best colleges and universities. AP course and test basically ensure that your admission into colleges and universities is very smooth. AP course and test are more like a bridge course between high school and college. As the academic transition might not be simple and easy as it may look, students need to cope with a raise in standards from high school to college.

As AP course and exam can be tough for high school students due to a higher standards, there can be difficulty in earning a good score in the exam. Here will discuss some sure shot tips to crack the AP test.

Tips for cracking the AP test

Learn about the whole structure of AP course and test: it is better to have a thorough knowledge of AP course and test prior to the exam. You need to know about the time frame and the time allotted for each section in the test and start preparing accordingly.

Study the course topics thoroughly: One of the prior things that you need to do is to know the subject in AP test and get the topics of those subjects. Once you know the topics, learn those topics thoroughly, not in high school standards, but in college standards. This will make it easier for you to understand those typical terms and jargons that college students would be familiar with.

Practice with as many model questions as possible: This is an important part of the AP course. During the course of the study, practice with model questions. Practicing with model questions will help you to reduce your time to think and punching in the right answers. This is extremely important because AP is a time-bound test and you need to answer as many questions as you can with the right answers.

Take as many mock tests and assessments as possible: After you’re done with studying the material and practice tests, the next thing you need to do is to take mock tests. With mock and practice tests, you’ll get a feel for keeping up with the time in a real AP test.

Don’t waste time during the exam:  During the exam, make sure that you are not distracted by anything, not even an intimidating question. If you face a tough question, just skip that question and move on, at least for the time being. Attempt as many known questions. This way, you’ll save your time by quickly answering known questions. Make sure that you do that with some time to spare for those tough questions you’ve skipped. Now, it’s time to take on those questions.

Read all the questions carefully: Most competitive and admission exams do this. They twist and turn many questions that they sound like one but their intention is quite different. So, before you jump to conclusions, read all the questions thoroughly and make sure that you don’t run into ambiguities. In some cases, you might bump into such questions where all of the multiple choices seem legit. In such cases, use elimination methods to get rid of the wrong ones and pin-point the right answer. But, do this when you only have enough time to spare.

Spare time to check the answers: Before you submit your answers, please take out the last 10 minutes of the test time to check all the answered questions. This is extremely important because if in a hurry you might’ve given a wrong answer and by checking the answer sheet, you can avoid that costly mistake.

Reach the exam center before time: Do arrive at the exam center at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before the exam is scheduled to begin. So, you need to start early from your place. And once you reach the exam center, don’t open your books frantically and read. There are chances that this last minute reading can confuse you so much that you end up forgetting the correct answers.

And finally, don’t panic before the exam. Don’t worry too much about the scores. Just give it your best shot. From we wish you all the best!

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