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11 homework tips to excel in 2014

By HWA | Publish On: January 3, 2014 | Posted In:

New year 2014 is here and the fun of New Year arrival will be over in few days time. Most students will have no other choice but to get back to their books and start preparing for your next semester or quarter.

It is better to have a plan before hand for your study this year. And sticking to the plan is also very important. Make a realistic plan that you can stick and start tweaking with the plan, once you are very used to the plan. When you make a plan about your homework or study time, you are consciously making an effort that can bring positive results in weeks to come. So, sticking to the plan is crucial.

  • Make a plan: Making a plan for your homework is important because, sometimes you might consume more time with a subject you are pretty good at and don’t find time to work on the subject that you are not so good at. As both subjects are equally important, you need to allocate time depending, not upon your love for the subject but for learning that weak subject. So, planning ahead will help you in saving time.
  • Allocate time for weak subject: Make sure that you allocate more time for the subject you are weak in. For example, if you’re weak in math, allocate about 1 ½ times the time you allocate to another subject like science or English. Also, do not neglect other subjects for the sake of just one subject.
  • Start your homework right after school or college: If you’re a kind of person who comes home after school or college and does your homework right away, then perhaps continue with that practice. As working on homework right after school or college can be very beneficial as you tend to remember those minute yet important instructions.
  • Start your homework late in the evening: And, if you’re a kind of person who does his homework late in the evening or at night, then it’s also okay, but you might have to be very careful about those instructions. The chances of forgetting some instructions are high. But, if you like working during late evenings or at night, that’s absolutely fine. As long as you have a plan and you’re sticking to a plan.
  • Have a place for yourself: It’s not important that you should have your own room to do your homework. Make sure that the place is distraction free, has very less noise and also a place where you can store your stationery. This place can be anywhere. The only criteria is that it should be conducive for you to complete your homework without any issues whatsoever.
  • The lesser the distractions, the better: Completing homework requires a lot of your concentration and attention and even one mistake can ruin most things. So, make sure that the place where you do your homework is away from distractions. Sometimes, distractions such as TV or loud music can not only distract you for few seconds, but they can grab your whole attention from the work at hand. This can waste most of your time.
  • Keep a good pace: in order to complete your homework on time, you need to have good pace. As you move ahead in grades, the responsibility will increase. This will mean that you have to keep pace with time. You’ll need to study more books, journal articles, etc to write your homework, so it is important to keep pace.  But, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on quality. Remember, quality is the most important aspect of your homework. A low quality homework done for the sake of time saving will only result in lesser grades. So, you need to balance pace with quality. This is a juggling, that you need to practice.
  • Break up your homework: When you have homework or an assignment that needs to be finished in 1 week or ten days, then it means that it is a big assignment in itself. So, you need to break it up into smaller parts and cover it day by day and don’t even think about starting it in the 11th hour. By breaking the assignment into smaller parts that can be covered every day, you’ll not be spending more than 1 hour on the homework and you’ll have covered almost 10 to 12 hours in total for the homework. So, start early and finish early or at least finish it on time.
  • Make a to do list and a planner handy: If you happen to have a black board or a white board at home, use if for writing down your schedule for the week and keep track of the planner. This can be a great motivating factor, if you have a big assignment ahead. As discussed above, when you break your assignment into smaller parts, track down every day’s work so that you’ll know how much is done and how much is left. Keeping a planner at hand, can also mean that you can make accommodations for changes in the planner, if something comes up in a short notice.
  • Keep your books at hand: While doing your homework, you might have to refer to another book that might be kept away. So, make sure that you have all the books that you need at hand. Searching for a book while doing your homework is another distraction that you might want to avoid.
  • Working with friends: Studying and doing homework with friends can also be very helpful. When studying with your friends, there can be mutual help in discussing the answers, sharing notes, reading and understanding the assignment, etc can take place.
  • Lastly, do not overdo: By now, you must’ve been familiar with the saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. And yes, it is true. Studying or doing homework overtime can bring down your energy levels. You need to revitalize your energy. If you like sports, play your favorite sport for at least 45 minutes a day. Or if you have some hobby, pursue that hobby, of course keeping in mind the time that you spend. And most importantly, get enough of sleep. Even if you don’t play or have a hobby, having enough sleep after studying or doing homework will revitalize you very much.

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