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How to Write An Abstract?

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: December 3, 2022 | Posted In:
How to Write An Abstract?

An abstract is a 150 to 500-word provided at the starting of any research paper, or report. It is usually concise and brief and may be divided into one to two paragraphs. It consists of sentences which explore different sections of the following paper.

To understand how to write an abstract, you need to understand the necessity, importance and purpose of an abstract.

Key Components of an Abstract:

An abstract is divided into Purpose, Methodology, Observation, Result and Implications. Each of these sections helps the reader to get a complete understanding of the following paper and presents a comprehensive overview.


The first sentences of your abstract should be focused around presenting the main topic of the research, and introducing it to the readers appropriately. First, explain why this research is important by presenting a few sentences on purpose. The purpose of an abstract is made evident by discussing about the significance of the topic or its background.


Following the introduction and purpose of the research topic, an abstract must talk about what this paper contains and how you have explored the topic in order to answer the key questions raised in the thesis statement. The best way to answer these questions is to describe the methodology of your research. Talk about the research methodology you adopted for the research and put some emphasis on the method.


Next step is to presenting an overview of the key observation without going into the specific details. Keep in mind that your main purpose is to simply grasp the curiosity of the research and not to give out all of the important information about the research in the abstract.


After exploring the observations, present the results you have found from your research. Talk about how the results are positive or negative in nature. It would serve as important sentences when you discuss the results of the research.


The final part of learning how to write an abstract is to discuss the present and future implications of the research. While deciding whether the research paper or the report is relevant to the reader, it is important to discuss the possible implications of the results and observations.

Tips to Write An Abstract

  1. Do not go overboard while explaining abstract components.
  2. Brevity is the key while formulating abstract sentences.
  3. Breakdown the abstract into bullet points and then writes the sentences.
  4. Focus on describing the paper, and not on defending or supporting your arguments.
  5. Always keep your audience in mind while writing an abstract
  6. Depending on your audience and nature of the document, you make the abstract to be informative, critical or descriptive.
  7. Make sure to include the important keywords in the abstract.
  8. Follow a structured pattern while writing the abstract.
  9. Keep it general and present an overview without going into the details.
  10. The abstract should always be written in the end, after you have completed writing your research paper.

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