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Winter Tips for college students

By HWA | Publish On: December 1, 2013 | Posted In:

Winter has finally arrived and many college students would be worried about the dropping temperatures. It is a serious problem because many students will be away from their homes living either in dorm rooms or in apartments and can find it difficult to maintain warm temperatures.

On one hand, opting for expensive room heating can be out of question and on the other hand, the energy requirements would also prove to be very costly. So, it is better to opt for frugal and money saving tips for this winter.

Some tips during winter for college students

Buy during opposite season: Seasonal things would be very pricey during those particular seasons. For example, you might have noticed that ACs, refrigerators, etc are more costly during summer and most people don’t even care about them during winter. Now, same thing can be applied in winter also. If you want to buy winter accessories or winter wear, summer is the best time because, obviously the demand would the least during summer. So plan accordingly.

Winter accessories: Accessories are also important during winter. Accessories such as gloves, scarves, hats, shoes, etc can provide extra warmth. Your feet, hands, face especially ears, nose and also head are some of the places from where body heat escapes and leaves you cold. So, you could definitely think about winter accessories. As mentioned above, shop during off season to avoid premium prices.

Keeping your room warm: Apart from wearing winter gear, it is also important to keep your room warm. You might not want to wear those winter gear indoors. Buy an extra pair of thick blankets or rugs. They can keep you warm all through the night. During the day time, open all the windows so that the sunlight enters and as the sun sets, close all the windows and curtains so that the heat does not escape. You could also use polystyrene or thermocol sheets on your windows. They are good insulators and keep your room extra warm.

Ironing: If you happen to have an ironing machine with you, perhaps this is the best time to use it. Instead of opting for a room heater, you could use the ironing machine to warm up the bedding and the blankets with it. While using it, do not use the vapour option. Low temperatures can condense the vapour into liquid. If the heat from the ironing machine runs out and the bedding is cold once again, keep a hot bag ready and apply it on your bed when its temperature drops.

Have hot beverages: Having hot beverages can be a good option. But as much as possible, avoid coffee. Coffee can keep you awake all night. Instead have hot soups, porridges, milk, etc to keep. Also, drink warm water instead of cold water.

Have hot food: Having hot food during winter is also necessary. Your body maintains the heat by burning the food that you eat. So, during winter eat a lot. Have potatoes, pasta, bread and rice, etc. Also having oily foods during winter is a good idea. It’s not a problem to have oily food during winters. If you know that how seals, dolphins, whales survive in Arctic and Antarctic temperatures is because they have a layer of fat beneath their skin which offers extra protection from the chilly temperatures. But limit the greasy frenzy only to winter.

Work outs: If you’re wondering about eating all those greasy foods during winter, then work outs are your best option. Working out during winter not only burns those excess calories, but it also provides you with the extra warmth. You’d feel warm after a good amount of work out. So, don’t forget to exercise this winter. Breathing exercises can also help. Breathing exercises help you in taking in more oxygen. Oxygen is a key ingredient in your metabolism.

Keep your medications in hand: Apart from these measures, if you have prescription medications, keep them in handy, especially for cold and cough and for respiratory diseases.

With these tips and measures in hand, we hope that you have a great time this winter.

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