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Tips for writing a Biography

By HWA | Publish On: January 11, 2011 | Posted In:

Writing A Biography

A biography is a record of one’s life. It is written in order to know what are the incidents and events that make up a person’s life. Biographies can be used to analyze and interpret the events in a person’s life.

Every student has to write a biography at least once during education. But, the depth and the detail will vary from grade to grade. A lower grade student’s biography will be very simpler to that of a middle school level or a high-school level biography.

Tips for writing a Biography

Let us discuss a few tips to write a good biography.

Each biography will include basic details like the date of birth and death (if any), family information, achievements in life, major incidents or events in life, impact of the person on society and the historical significance of the person.

Collecting the basic information about the date of birth and death, daily activities, etc is not a great task in itself. But, collecting information about the person’s hardships in life, the courage that the person displayed and the achievements in the due course of time, etc are important. This will also include the morals or the ethics of the person. Overall, the writer must be able to shed a light on the character of the person.

An important point here is that while writing a biography, the readers will be more interested in the achievements of the person rather than the dates. Mentioning the details of the events of the person’s life is important, but not as much as the achievements or the character or the ethics for which the person stood for or fought for are much more important.

The beginning of the biography must be made a little interesting. This will create an excitement in the readers. But, at the same time it must also be relevant. A small paragraph of about two or three lines can be mentioned about the person’s greatest achievement and then the person’s life from the very beginning can be talked about.

Good grades to the student can be guaranteed if a biography is written with the above mentioned points are followed. We wish all the best to all those students who are about to write a biography.

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