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Tips for preparing for NCLEX Exam

By HWA | Publish On: April 28, 2014 | Posted In:

NCLEX or the National Council Licensure Examination is an examination for licensing nurses in the US. NCLEX has two examinations, one for registered nurses and the other for practicing nurses. NCLEX exam is taken by nurses for obtaining their nursing licenses.  NCLEX examinations are held by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing or NCSBN.  This board consists of members representing each of the 50 states in the United States.

Tips for cracking the NCLEX exam

NCLEX is a very tough exam in terms of the questions that it can throw at you, as it is an exam which grants you practicing license.  Here are some tips that can help you in cracking the NCLEX exam.

Visit the official website: Needless to say, first visit the NCLEX official website for any information regarding the test dates, fee dates, material, test preparation, etc and everything else. Visit the website and be thorough about what needs to be done and also know where everything on the website is.

Download the test plan: You can download the NCLEX test plan to know the scope of the exam, the topics and the depth of the questions. It is absolutely necessary to do this because the scope of the exam and the topics will give you a better idea in preparing for the exam. Depending on the depth of the exam, you can plan your timetable accordingly.

Time is of the essence: As NCLEX is a really tough exam, you need to devote a lot of time for preparation. NCLEX exam can ask questions from least expected corners. So, you need to prepare from all possible topics in nursing. Don’t just skip topics just because you know them or studied them. Give a simple reading for known topics and thorough reading for doubtful topics. Just don’t keep any topics for last minute.

Take mock exams every now and then: Make a habit that you take at least one mock exam every week. Study for one whole week, take the exam and note the scores. In this way, you can have a self-check program. By taking mock tests, you’ll also be able to pace yourself for the real exam. If you don’t take any mock exams, there is a high chance that time might not be sufficient for you to properly answer all the questions.

“Study” the model questions: Don’t just study model questions from test preparation books, but instead give a deep look into the kind of questions that have been asked in the previous NCLEX examinations. It might be possible to make out a pattern of the exam over the years. But, don’t just rely too much on 1-2 patterns that you find. You could be wrong and these patterns are subject to change.

Revise your work daily: Also, make it a habit to review your work every day. Every day review of your practice is also important. Before going to bed, make sure that you consciously try to remember the questions or the topics that have been covered. In this way, you can remember what you’ve studied.

With these tips you can pass the NCLEX exam in flying colors. For more details on NCLEX test preparation, please visit our website

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