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Tag - Statistics

Statistics – Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis is making an assumption. In Statistics, a Hypothesis or an assumption is taken first and then the Hypothesis is tested whether it is accurate or not. Hypothesis testing is a study based on statistical accuracy of an experiment. If the result is positive, then it is called statistically significant. There are two types of statistical hypotheses. A Null Hypothesis and an Alternate Hypothesis. A Null Hypothesis is denoted by H0, it is actually an assumption that the simple observations [...]

Statistics – Correlation

In Statistics Correlation denotes the relation between to variables. If change in one variable is initiating change in the other variable then it is said that there is a correlation between them. There are two kinds of correlation. One is Positive Correlation and the other is Negative Correlation. Positive Correlation is said to exist when a change in one variable is causing a positive change in the other variable as well then it is called Positive Correlation. For example, there [...]

Statistics Assignment Help

Statistics is an important subject at the University level. The relevance of the subject can be seen in large Corporations where the subject is utilized extensively for collecting, processing and understanding data. Even in computer programs like MS Office, Open Office and Google Documents, the application of spreadsheet software like MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet many statistical applications are utilized. This shows the dependency on Statistics by large Corporations and Governments. Statistics in Business is the Science of Decision Making In [...]

SPSS Statistics

SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It is used by researchers in statistics. Its utility is limited to performing statistical operations and calculations. It has almost all statistical features which makes it one of the widely used and appreciated softwares in statistical operations. SPSS was released in the year 1968. It was developed by Norman H. Nie, C.Hadlai Hull and Dale Bent. SPSS is among the most widely used Statistics programs In the field of Social Sciences. [...]