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Tag - Finance

Formulas for Finance and Accounts

Accounts and Finance are two of the most important subjects of the management subjects. Both of these subjects are interrelated with each other and at the same time they are different from each other. While finance is the art and science of funds management, accounts is the art and science of recording financial transactions over a period of time. Finance and Accounts are both dependant on many tools, techniques, formulas and formats. One important point, we must remember is that, [...]

Understanding Cost of Capital – Finance

Equity Capital         When a company raises capital through the issue of ordinary shares it is effectively borrowing from the capital markets on a permanent basis. There is no maturity date associated with the shares and hence the loan is never repaid. Since the company is permanently in debt to the ordinary shareholders, the latter are the ultimate owners of the enterprise - a relationship recognized in law. The implication is that the enterprise’s business activities ought to be guided [...]

Understanding Debt Capital and Eurobonds

Debt Capital When a company borrows funds, it creates a creditor rather than a shareholder. Debt capital occurs in a variety of forms. The simplest option is a fixed-rate, fixed-term, unsecured bank loan. Alternatively, a company can sell loan stock, either unsecured or in the form of debentures. Mortgage debentures are secured against specified assets of the company (usually land and buildings), while other debentures are secured against the current and future assets of the company in general. The advantage [...]

Sources of Investment Finance

When the management of a company addresses the issue of financing it investment decisions, it faces, in principle, a wide range of options. The personal wealth of the manager(s) is one potential source of investment funds. A bank loan is another. Another possibility is to sell shares in the company to outside investors. Or the company could sell loan stock (bonds). Profits arising from previous business activity are another possible source of finance. The matter is complicated by the [...]

Working Capital Management in Finance

Working Capital Management Working Capital can be simply defined as a firm’s net working capital as its current assets minus current liabilities. Net working capital is the capital required in the short term asset accounts such as cash, inventory and account receivable, as well as short-term liability accounts such as accounts payable. Working Capital Management in Finance Most projects require the form to invest in net working capital. The main components of net working capital are cash, inventory, receivables and payables. Working [...]

Bonds in Finance

Get the best bond valuation assignment help from Ph.D. experts now. HelpwithAssignment provides customized bond valuation assignment help services at affordable prices for students all over the world. If you are stuck with finance assignment, get instant help from HelpwithAssignment and get top grades in your assignment. All You Need to Know About Bonds in Finance What are Bonds? A bond is a security sold by governments or corporations in order to raise money from investors today in exchange for the promised [...]

Analysis of a Cash flow statement in Finance

Cash flow statement The analysis of a company’s cash flows can provide useful information for understanding a company’s business earnings and for predicting its future cash flows. There are various tools and techniques for analyzing the statement of cash flows, including the analysis of major sources and uses of cash, cash flow, common size analysis, conversion of the cash flow statement from the indirect method to the direct method and computation of free cash flow and cash flow ratios. Evaluation of [...]

Sensitivity Analysis in Finance

What is Sensitivity Analysis Sensitivity Analysis is a popular way to find out how the NPV of a project changes if sales, labor or material costs, the discount rate, or other factors vary from one case to another. In simple terms it is a "what if" study. Sensitivity Analysis attempts to quantitatively answer questions concerning future outcomes. It is a form of Quantitative Research, which is useful in making Investments decisions. In other words, Sensitivity Analysis is a popular way [...]

Risk management

Risk is the possibility of something unpleasant happenings or the chance of encountering loss or harm. From Corporate finance aspect, Risk is possibility of actual PAT being different from expected PAT. Risk is the uncertainty of future cash flows. •  Risk = (the probability that some event will occur) X (the consequences if it does occur) The magnitude of probable outcomes and the probability of their occurrence together determines the riskiness of an event. Genuine uncertainty, on the other hand, cannot be [...]

Finance Assignment help

Finance Assignment Help With Assignment is an online tutoring and assignment help company established to better serve students from K-12, College and University. Our services include online tutoring, assignment help, homework help, dissertation help and thesis help. Finance Assignment Help Our subject coverage is vast with subjects ranging from Accounts, Finance, Statistics, Operations Management, Economics, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Marketing, Supply Chain, C++/Java programming, IT, Human Resources (HR), Strategy, Science, Engineering, Literature, Nursing, Sociology, Philosophy and Linguistics amongst others. One of the [...]