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Tag - Chemical Engineering

Understanding Material Science in Chemical Engineering

Material Science in Chemical Engineering Life in the 21st century is every dependant on an unlimited variety of advanced materials. In our consumptive world, it is easy to take for granted the macro, micro and nanoscopic building blocks that comprise many any item ever produced. We are spoiled by the technology that adds convenience to our lives, such as microwave ovens, laptop computers, digital cell phones and improved modes of transportation. However, we rarely take time to think about and [...]

Bernoulli’s Theorem in Chemical Engineering

Bernoulli’s Theorem in fluid dynamics is one of the important discoveries. The relation among pressure, velocity, and elevation in a moving fluid, the compressibility and viscosity of which are negligible and the flow of which is steady or laminar. The Theorem was first derived in 1738 by Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli. The theorem states that, in effect, that the total mechanical energy of the flowing fluid, comprising the energy associated with fluid pressure, the gravitational potential energy of elevation [...]

Distillation in Chemical Engineering

Distillation is the process of separation of volatile liquid from non-volatile substance or more frequently, the separation of two or more liquids in different volatility. If only one component of a mixture is volatile, there is no difficulty in obtaining it in a pure state by distillation and in many cases the constituents of a mixture of two or more volatile liquids may be separated – though frequently at much cost of time and materials. Quantitative Analysis by Distillation: The [...]