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Steps for creating error free C Program

By HWA | Publish On: October 21, 2013 | Posted In:

C language is one of the basic programming languages. Today, C language is needed for learning advanced languages such as C++, Visual C++, Java, etc. C has been one of the most widely accepted programming languages of all time. C was designed by Dennis Ritchie to specifically create large programs like operating systems.

Many students struggle to get their programs run smoothly without any errors. But, seldom does this is realized. In reality, most of the time, there is one or the other error the compiler points out in every other program. This is because of the fact that programs or the instructions that communicate with the computer can have ambiguity in them. This ambiguity is pointed out as errors by the compiler.

There are some hard and fast rules by which one can write an error-free program in C.

Compile basic programs: Practice makes perfect applies to C programming. First learn C programming using simple programs. Simple programs are easy to understand with no complications. Start with simple program like “Hello World” and then move on to complex programs.

Knowledge of Variables: Variables are present in all programming languages and they determine the characters, integers, float, double, etc. These variables help in determining numbers, floats, characters, commands, etc. Complete knowledge of variables is essential for an error-free programming.

Arrays and functions: Arrays and functions are other important areas. Arrays are memory locations where data and value types are stored in them. Functions on the other hand, are those which are used to return value. Anything that returns a value in C is called a function. Knowledge of arrays and functions are required to learn and practice advanced programs.

Conditional statements: Conditional statements is another area in C programming whose knowledge is needed to learn simple to complex programs. Put it simply, conditional statements include options. A program when it includes a number of options to be chosen by the user and return values depending upon the conditions specified. These conditional statements are mainly used in programs involving arithmetic, relational operators, complex logical expressions, If and If Else Statements, etc.

Loops: Loops is another important area in C programming. Loops are useful in writing programs that are required to run until a pre-written or an accurate solution is arrived at. The loops are that found in C include While Loop, For Loop, Do..While Loop, Nested Loop, etc.

Start by learning basic programming: In order to thoroughly learn programming, you need to start with small and basic programs. While learning these programs, please be careful about the compiling and running, the program. Don’t worry much about the syntax, as you’ll be able to learn the syntax in the days to come.

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