11 Important Skills to Develop Before College

skills to develop before college

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11 Important Skills to Develop Before College

College life is a very tricky part of one’s life. It is not very much the same as we get to expect them to be in our world of fantasy. The life in college is not always seamless rather one gets to learn a great deal and so it’s better to master certain skills before stepping into the college. It’s better to be a jack of all trades than being a master of one. One actually need to get acquainted with the practicalities of life as it helps more often than not. You will be asked to write assignments on a regular basis and moreover you need to submit them on time. Here’s a few skills that you should learn before getting into a college:

Exam Technique

The skill of preparing and performing in an exam is a valued asset. It is one stage that checks your deeper understanding of the subject and the long descriptive answers rule out every possibility of getting marks by fluke. You need to develop techniques to answer in exams. 

Independent Learning

Another skill of significance is the ability to learn without someone’s assistance. It is really important as the Professors are not always accessible and one has to try really hard to learn anything new.

Note Taking

One can retain only a small fraction of whatever is heard and so it is important to take notes of lectures. But it also gets difficult at times to understand and write simultaneously. So, it is appreciable if one can make good notes. 

Conversing Skills

College exposes you to an unfamiliar world. Every face around is new. It is always good if you could strike a conversation with the new peers and Professors as it makes the environment amiable. 


It may sound paltry but it is actually important because there would be no one around to help you out. You can’t roam around in filthy clothes either. So, try to learn basics of laundry to ease yourself. 


This is one skill which most of the students lack. It is inevitable to keep track of your finances and stick to the budget allocated for different activities. It can save you from tight situations. 

Basic Cleaning And Making A Bed

Hygiene is one aspect that should never be compromised, after all you don’t want to present a disgusting picture of yourself to the world around you. Dusting, cleaning, scrubbing really helps. 

College life spares no one and making bed is one apt example. You might have enjoyed these fancies in your childhood without even taking notice of it but now you have to everything on your own. 

Basic Cooking Skills

You need not be a Master Chef but the knowledge of cooking at least what you relish feasting on is a handy skill as more often than not, the menu in the mess will disappoint you. 

Using Simple Tools

You must have the prowess in doing certain simple tool-work like tightening a screw or lighting a bulb as these petty issues might trouble you every now-and-then. 

Time Management 

Not just in your college life but time management has a pivotal role to play in every walk of life. The ability to manage your schedule without developing undue stress make others envious of you.

Presentation Skills

This is one bitter reality of college life that every fellow has to confront. We all hate giving presentations because of lack of confidence and fear of public speaking. One must learn this art as it enhances the overall personality. 

Things must have got clearer by now that college life is no bed of roses. You need to shed that perspective that everyone around is willing to help you out rather inculcate the habit of getting your jobs done all by yourself. It bears fruitful results in the long run. Hope you got the right message! 

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