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100 Unexplored Satirical Essay Topics

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Writing a satirical piece is not an easy one. The difficulty intensifies as you struggle to choose a topic. A satirical assignment essay needs to be relevant to the current affairs and humorous at the same time. The deadly combination often leaves many students baffled. They spend days on narrowing down on an assignment topic but they are either not too relevant or they lack the pun which needs to be the essence of a satirical homework essay. 

At we have more than 20 Ivy League English major post-graduate writers working on various satirical essay assignments. The expert writers in our team do not only have the proper writing prowess but at the same time, they have the proper wit needed for developing a university standard satirical essay. 

In the meantime, as you wreck your brain thinking about some satirical essay topics we are providing a list of the most untapped satirical essay examples

100 Best Topics for Satirical Essay

  1. Is our regular life taking too much time off our social media presence?
  2. Is bullying in school prepare us for harassment in the office, as adults? 
  3. Learn how “memes” have taken over poetry as the main form of counter-culture art
  4. Why adding someone on Facebook ensures the doom of the friendship 
  5. Why Netflix has become my best summer holiday destination?
  6. Raise your Voice against Oppression! Replace college professors with AI bots. 
  7. Is “study more for better grades” bad propaganda? 
  8. Learn how illegal wall graffiti have helped students cope with anxiety and stress over the past decade. 
  9. Top reasons why the Principal’s Office is the Most Boring place in the entire school 
  10. Why the best time management policies often fail?
  11. Unknown reasons why Tiger Woods will never win a major again
  12. Whilst the Rest of America was busy looking somewhere else the Women Soccer Team again became Champions 
  13. Mystery Revealed- Creating Depressing Breakfast Cereal Boxes is a conspiracy theory
  14. NFL is sometimes too soft-especially when comes to conclusion points 
  15. Is the end of an era for Real Madrid and Barcelona as Liverpool again appears as a European giant?
  16. Is the hype around FIFA World Cup too much when only there are 3 possible winners in each tournament?
  17. Explain why Visual Assistant Referees (VAR) pay regular visits in the nightmares of all international strikers. 
  18. Asia is slowly catching on the Basketball Fever- It is not just China anymore 
  19. 100 years from now people will deny the existence of Usain Bolt 
  20. PlayStation Games are no child’s play- It’s about time the rest of the world accept this fact
    satirical essay
  21. No matter what people say- New Episodes of Game of Thrones cannot be considered as complete movies 
  22. What were you worried about? GOT finally gave us a happy ending…sort of! 
  23. Kim and Kanye marriage has been the greatest Hollywood blockbuster in the past decade 
  24. Ed Sheeran- The Most Loved and Hated celebrity after Justin Beiber 
  25. Are rock bands suffering from faded glory? 
  26. Why Billie Eilish is not actually a bad guy? 
  27. Has T.V Shows taken over music as a mode of relaxation?
  28. Is “Stranger Things” becoming less strange with each new season?
  29. The rise of Netflix and the death of Movies 
  30. The horrific impact of true crime documentaries on young minds 
  31. Is Marvel the last surviving franchise trying to save the world cinema? 
  32. Gun Control Act and the Invisible Enemy 
  33. Isn’t it about time we start distrusting all the politicians? 
  34. 100 reasons why Brexit is not a news for the rest of the world 
  35. Are most terrorist acts state sponsored-Exploring the Really Dark side of politics 
  36. Ten reasons why Brexit will have zero impact on most of the countries
  37. Illegal immigrants would not have come if colonization never happened
  38. What is all the fuss about Brexit- In case you are lucky enough to miss it
  39. Top reasons why Mexico is never going to pay for Trump’s wall. 
  40. Concealed handguns and the rising risk of a mistake 
  41. Reasons why timely abortion should be legal 
  42. The death penalty is a dying tradition and some things are better to be dead
  43. The myth of healthcare and how America does not need it
  44. Young people are now becoming more vocal about their political opinion-are they making sense?
  45. Lowering the voting age will put pressure on the right-wing parties 
  46. Legalizing abortion will only help reduce the stigma around teenage pregnancy 
  47. Public Participation- No doubt the most effective way of counter-terrorism 
  48. Is giving voting rights a mere eyewash done by the government
  49. Will extending rail networks really address the environmental problems caused due to domestic flights?
  50. Should everyone follow Australia’s model of tackling immigration control? 
  51. Why do vegans try and replicate the meat-based foods?
  52. Is it finally the decade of gun control?
  53. Accusing fast foods alone for the obesity epidemic is wrong 
  54. Why healthcare should always come with a cost?
  55. Chances of misuse of free healthcare and how it can affect the entire market 
  56. Impact of cyberbullying on the mental health of the victim 
  57. A decade for redefining gender identity 
  58. Is gender fluidity ultimately going to alter the social structure?
  59. Poverty is not just a third-world problem
  60. Is every city, around the world, becoming similar in their demographics?
  61. Is homelessness becoming a major problem in most urban locations around the globe?
  62. Understanding the overall impact of Australia’s bush fire. 
  63. Is Golden Globes choosing Ricky Gervais as their host due to the fear of its dying popularity?
  64. Is the call for euthanasia becoming stronger with our degrading mental health problems?
  65. How mental health became acceptable and a serious topic of discussion in the past decade?
  66. Is the definition of liberalism changing with the constant rise of the Right in global politics
  67. Can the last decade be regarded as the decade of Gender Equality around the world?
  68. Only 160 odd billionaires possess half of the world’s finances. Will there be any income equality in the near future?
  69. The last decade witnessed the emergence of millions of start-ups. How many of them can actually sustain? 
  70. Is depression becoming an epidemic amongst the young adults of the country? 
  71. Does literature really help in understanding the concept of love?
  72. Poetry and its misdirection when it comes to the matter of the heart
  73. Top reasons why pickup lines do not work anymore
  74. Has the dating scene drastically changed due to the advent of online dating?
  75. Have the users of dating apps become more direct and purposeful? 
  76. Why do people often mix between love and lust?
  77. If love is blind then why do people care about their looks?
  78. Are we becoming more self-conscious in the age of social media?
  79. Is social media making people more independent by nature?
  80. Will this current decade spell the end of a social marriage?
  81. The overwhelming acceptance of same-sex marriage in the western world
  82. Marriage and its stress on the emotional well-being of a person
  83. Are the dating apps making extramarital affairs a taboo-less thing?
  84. Is the modern generation tending to bypass a grand wedding?
  85. Should modern girls ignore the dream of a big wedding? 
  86. Is traditional family and marriage becoming an outdated concept? 
  87. Things men check before agreeing on a date with a girl
  88. Things girl check before agreeing on a date with a man
  89. Many governments are now taking the oath of completely removing the diesel cars in the next decade. Is it a good move?
  90. Is deforestation a bigger threat than air pollution?
  91. How can a war impact the overall climate change? 
  92. Are modern businesses becoming more dependent on social media? 
  93. Is Facebook becoming the next big marketplace for local businesses? 
  94. How worthy the Instagram influencers actually are? 
  95. Will the percentage of remote workers increase in this current decade? 
  96. Will the current decade witness a steady increase in the average screen-time for people?
  97. “Social Media has finally won. It has got everybody hooked”. Discuss. 
  98. How safe is the internet? Are you making yourself unnecessarily exposed? 
  99. Is public Wi-Fi really safe or are they stealing our date?
  100. Is the Cloud a safe storage place for all our valuable data?

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