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93 Creative Research Paper Topic Ideas for You

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A research paper has been described as an academic piece of writing which is based on a brief discussion, interpretation and analysis of any particular topic of the writer. It contains a wide description of any particular topic which can only be produced after a wide work of research. 

How to write a research paper?

  • Choose a topic: Always choose a topic which is challenging and not general as only this topic shall not make your work boring and instead bring on your enthusiasm to a higher level allowing you to work hard.  Also, do not choose a very broad topic and instead focus upon choosing a narrower topic so that your research topic does not look like just a brief summary or an overview.

For example, if your topic is “education in India “narrows it down to “loopholes in the Indian education system”

  • Write a working thesis statement: This shall guide your research work and shall prevent digression in research work. The thesis statement shall only make your purpose of the research paper clear.
  • Do your research work: At this time the writer should start doing hardcore research work in order to support the thesis statement. They should look into all primary and secondary credible sources. At this stage, one should evaluate their source and should start making records and start documenting your research.
  • Make an outline: 

What is an outline?

An outline is a blueprint for any research paper. It has also been referred to as a plan according to which or on the basis of which the entire research and documentation is based. This contains subheadings and someone lined key points on the basis of which the entire research is based upon to support your statement. While writing an outline one should keep in mind the structure of a research paper.

research paper topics

Start writing the first draft of your research paper:

By reaching this step the idea about the topic is almost clear as the writer has now researched well and has a fair idea about the topic to be structured now.

  • Introduction
  • What is there in the paper?
  • Why this has been written?
  • Set the idea
  • State the main thought and claims
  • The Body: This should be started with a description of the main topic and points supporting the main statement and claims in favour of your research paper statement. You can, however, make changes or add changes further.


  • Conclusion: This part of your research paper should conclude your paper. In this part of the paper, you need to briefly summarise the entire paper with necessary ideas and thoughts. Also, take a moment to explain why you support this statement.
  • Revision of the research paper:  It is very important to revise and edit the mistakes before you submit the final copy of your research paper as common mistakes like spelling errors creates a bad impression upon the reader. 

Also, make sure that while writing an article you have not plagiarised anything as it’s considered as cheating or wrong incorporation of academic work.

Do not forget to give credits under the reference headings to the sources from where you have researched.

93 Research Paper Topics

  • Is college education enough for securing jobs?
  • Should colleges open anti-ragging squads within their campus?
  • Are private engineering colleges good enough?
  • Do government colleges have regular theory classes and practical?
  • Terrorism and its effect on business
  • Terrorism and its affect on Kashmir’s GDP
  • Terrorism and its affect on education
  • Effect of value education in school curriculum on the students
  • Loopholes in the education system
  • Causes of global warming
  • Causes of water pollution
  • Causes of air pollution
  • Should licensed gun holders be allowed to carry guns in schools?
  • Is feminism changing the American social system?
  • What brings stereotypes in society?
  • Factual evidence that AID’s originated from monkeys.
  • Two child policy increases female foeticides
  • Substance abuse amongst college students and its effect on their behaviour.
  • Cybersecurity and safety go individual
  • Human beings and growing affection environment
  • Developing vs. developed nations debates on pollution
  • Technologies helping to curb terrorism
  • How did cloud computing help in storing data?
  • What is the future of the internet?
  • Can robots substitute humans?
  • How did climate change affect in the past 50 years?
  • What are the best ways to restrict global warming?
  • How can wildlife be saved?
  • The effects of depleting water resources
  • Effect of arctic and Antarctic meltdowns
  • How can recycling help to make the world better?
  • Endangered wildlife. How can we prevent them?
  • Clean and safe drinking water for all. How can this be achieved in all nations?
  • How the legalization of same-sex marriage did influence the USA?
  • How do new parenting and guardianship laws affect the adoption of children and their happiness to achieve families in Russia?
  • Different Prostitution laws in different countries and their effects.
  • Should there be stricter laws against cyberbullying?
  • How can small business ideas be turned into start-ups?
  • Big companies breaking laws and getting away easily in the biz world
  • Consequences of Bruit
  • Conflict in Africa
  • The effect upon refugees of the middle east
  • Iran and its relations with the USA
  • America’s relationship with the Middle East countries.
  • How can countries unite against terrorism?
  • Can religion ever justify crime?
  • Effect of alcohol on the human body
  • Kim and Trump’s talks are effective enough?
  • Pakistan and its changing politics
  • ISIS and its growing expanse in the world.
  • Nigeria and its poverty.
  • Africa battling poverty, social and health insecurity
  • The Maldives and its growing tourism
  • Vaccination in the 21st century.
  • How do various religions oppress and suppress women?
  • Should religious views affect health matters?
  • Sexual abuse in the church.
  • Church a home to physical and mental oppression before the renaissance.
  • The most popular new age religion
  • Buddhism and its belief in karma
  • LGBT community and its tolerance around the world.
  • How to stop bullying in school?
  • Global citizenship: pros and cons
  • World developing into a global village.
  • India and USA relations.
  • Gun control issues and US Government.
  • Effect of the growing population in the world
  • Effect of poverty in Bangladesh
  • How to deal with social and mental anxiety? /
  • Growing natural hazards and environment
  • Health hazards caused by globe warming
  • Discrimination of black women in the present day?
  • Ethnicity and secularism in the USA
  • The greatest democracy in Africa and India 
  • How to achieve 100 % literacy?
  • Gun control:  How to achieve a safe environment?
  • How to achieve a multilingual education?
  • Sexism and ageism in the entertainment industry?
  • YouTube and its role in spreading the popular culture
  • Theft and its effect and its ethical concerns
  • Effect of imperialism on British colonies
  • What were the causes of civil war?
  • What were the causes of the cold war?
  • How important inventions affected the lives of common people?
  • How can a standardized test help education?
  • How have scientific developments affected the lives of people?
  • Obesity and its effect on human health
  • Increasing mobile towers and the death of squirrels
  • How can animal tests be avoided?
  • TV shows and their effect on young children.
  • Should the drinking age be lowered?
  • How to reduce child labour?
  • Is socialism possible? 


Therefore above are some of the creative research topics ideas on which articles can be written by students with brief research.

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