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Quick English Essay Writing Tips

By HWA | Publish On: August 12, 2014 | Posted In:

Every now and then, students are given the task of writing an English essay. While essays in most subjects are mostly objective in nature, sometimes, English essays can be subjective as opposed to being objective in nature. In plain and simple English, English essays have to sometimes address things which are abstract or philosophical in nature. And at times, an English essay can be about your experiences or accounts of events that have happened recently or in the past. In this way, English essays can range from abstract or philosophical topics to regular topics to experienced-based.

So, now the question arises, on how to write a good English essay? The answer is not simple because, it is not universal and it cannot be applied for every instance. But, if we can keep in mind some gross points and extend them, they can be very helpful in writing an English essay.

Here are some Quick and Easy English Essay writing tips.

  • Choose a Good Topic: If you are given a chance to choose your own topic, choose a topic which you are very familiar with. These can include something like a game, a very good movie that you’ve watched recently, a documentary film, or your interests or hobbies which can include a whole lot of things. Don’t choose a topic, just for the sake of it. Choose a topic which you are really comfortable with.
  • Research about a given topic: If a topic is given to you and you need write an essay, don’t just start writing the essay just like that. In order to understand a topic, research about it, read about it. You can find numerous sources that can provide authentic or very good information on the internet about the particular topic you’re interested in. Make sure that the sources are good enough or credible sources. You can sometimes find information which might have been twisted around or the facts tweaked here and there. So, you need to get your facts right for writing the essay.
  • What if my topic is an abstract topic? For an abstract topic like interpretation of a poem or a story or a fairly tale or folklore story, you’ll have to read the story or poem thoroughly and try to assess it or review it in your own way. If you are finding it very hard to understand, ask an adult or your teacher for help. Some topics are better taught by adults or more experienced people than trying to find it for yourself. Of course, trying to figure out something without anyone’s help is good, but if all your ways are exhausted, then asking someone might be the only way.
  • How to start the essay? Remember that the starting of an essay can leave a mark on your teacher. If you start with a good introduction, the reader can have a feel good factor while reading the whole essay. But, if the essay begins on a wrong note, then you’d feel the wrath of the reader sometimes. So, as much as possible, try to start your essay on a good note.
  • Body of the essay: After you begin with a good introduction, you should continue it till the end. Try to keep the body of the essay should be as interesting as the introduction. This will help in the reader progressing through your essay with ease.
  • Expressing your views: It is a good habit to inculcate a neutral position or language. This can be very helpful in establishing points in the right manner. Sometimes, you will have to form sentences with indirect speech to maintain the neutrality.
  • Write an abstract for the essay in the beginning: After you are done with writing the essay, write an abstract or essence of the essay in one or two sentences at the beginning of the essay. This is very important for establishing the crux of the essay.
  • Be very consistent throughout: It is also very important that your essay should be very consistent from the beginning to the end. Any inconsistencies will complicate the essay and sometimes make it incomprehensible. An incomprehensible essay will only earn you a least grade.
  • Grammar and spell checks: This is the last but not the least work you need to do. After completing the essay, spend some time going through the essay, keeping in mind for any grammatical error or spelling mistakes. Even if you write a really good essay with valid points and reasoning, your grades can come down drastically if there are grammatical and spelling errors in your writing. So, it is better to spend some time, checking for errors than to leave the class early.

By following these quick and easy tips, you can write a very good essay in the least time period.  From, we wish our students all the best in their English essay writing tasks.

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