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25 Clinical Questions and PICO

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The use of PICO is very relevant in the construction of your clinical questions. Evidence-based nursing assignments demand you to structure your research questions in accordance with the PICO framework. The PICO framework is divided into four major elements. These elements will help you frame the background question for your evidence-based nursing homework help. 

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Nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response and advocacy in the care of individual’s families, communities and population. Nurses are differentiated by their approach to patient care, training and scope of practice from other health care providers.

In order to structure a clinical question for your nursing report you need to address the correct problem or population and facilitate the correct research strategy to make the final deduction. This helps you gain clarity in the research and assists you to determine what exactly you are looking for in an evidence-based nursing assignment

As mentioned above, the PICO framework can be divided into four major elements based on which you can design a very accurate and effective clinical question. A good clinical question will address most, if not all, aspects of the PICO.  The following are the parameters defined by PICO (T) when it comes to designing of clinical questions: 

P: Patient, Problem, Population 

I: Intervention 

C: Comparison 

O: Outcome 

T: Time frame, Type of Question, Type of study (this additional parameter is not always present but nonetheless it helps in the determination of a perfect clinical question) is the most reliable clinical question assignment help provider. We provide top quality help and assistance to nursing students all across the globe. If you are still worried about framing your perfect clinical question then do not hesitate to visit this page and contact us today. Meanwhile, here is a list of 25 PICO questions which covers all the essential parameters. 

25 Best Clinical Questions

  1. Does the habit of washing hands among healthcare workers decreases the events of infections in hospitals? 
  2. Is the use of modern syringes helps in the reduction of needle injuries among healthcare workers of America?
  3. Is the increase in the intake of anti-depressants among 30 years and older urban women affecting their maternal health? 
  4. Is the increase of the use of mosquito net in Uganda helped in the reduction of malaria among infants? 
  5. Does the increase in the habit of smoking marijuana among Dutch students increase the chances of depression? 
  6. Does the increase in the intake of oral contraceptives increase the chances of breast cancer among 20-30 years old women in the UK? 
  7. Is bullying in the boarding schools of Scotland increases the chances of domestic violence in 20 years’ time frame?
  8. Does the use of pain relief medication during the process of the surgery reduces the pain more effectively when compared to the intake of same medicine given post-surgery? 
  9. Do breastfeeding toddlers in urban United States decrease their chances of obesity as pre-schoolers? 
  10.  Does encouraging male work colleagues to talk about sexual harassment decreases the rate of depression in workplace? 
  11. Does forming work groups to discuss domestic violence among rural population of the United States decreases stress and depression among women? 
  12. Does peer supported intervention programs help prevent school suicide rates among female students of New York?
  13. Is yoga an effective medical therapy in the reduction of lymphedema in patients who are recovering from neck cancer?

Why choose

  1. Does receiving phone tweets lower blood sugar levels for people suffering from Type 1 diabetes? 
  2. Are males over the age of 30 years who have smoked for more than 1 year exposed to greater risk of esophageal cancer when compared to same age group of men who has no history of smoking? 
  3. Do women, between the ages of 25 and 40 years, who takes regular oral contraceptives are in greater risk of blood clots when compared to the women in the same age group who avoid oral contraceptives?
  4. For women under the age of 50 years is yearly mammogram more effective in the prevention of breast cancer when compared to the mammogram done every 3 years?
  5. Are cancer patients receiving aggressive protocols involving radiation and chemotherapy more vulnerable to cachexia when compared to the patients who are not receiving those treatments?
  6. Can colon cancer be more effectively determined when colonoscopy is supported by occult blood test when compared to colonoscopy alone?
  7. Does the regular usage of low dosage aspirin more effective in reducing the chances of heart attacks and store for women above the age of 80 years?
  8. Does a regular 30 minutes exercise regime effectively reduce the chances of heart diseases in adults over 65 years?
  9. Is daily blood pressure monitoring helps in addressing the triggers of hypertension among males over 65 years?
  10. After diagnosed with blood sugar levels does a 4 times a day blood glucose monitoring process more effective in controlling the advent of Type 1 diabetes?
  11. Does prolonged exposure to chemotherapy increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases among teenagers who are suffering from cancer?
  12. Does first-time mothers giving birth to premature babies are more prone to postpartum depression when compared to second or third-time mothers with the same condition?

These are few examples of the clinical questions which are based on the PICO parameters of population, problem, patient, intervention, comparison, and outcome. You should note that not all the question covers all the parameters of the PICO or PICOT but they most definitely define the outline of the nursing research. If you need help with designing your clinical research question or you need help with your nursing assignment, then do not hesitate to contact us today!


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