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Pi Day Celebration Ideas

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Pi Day, this year is going to be on March 14th. It will be celebrated not only as Pi Day but also as Albert Einstein’s birth anniversary as well. It is a coincidence that Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day.

For those of you who don’t know what Pi Day is, let me tell you about Pi first. Pi, not as in American Pie is one of the basic mathematical constants. It is derived from the Greek letter π. And its value is 3.1415926. It is defined by the ratio of a circle’s circumference C to its diameter d.

π = C/d

In simple terms, a circle’s circumference is slightly more than three times the length of its diameter. And that ratio is called π.

π in mathematics, has a very special place. The decimal points in this number seem to never end and the numbers never repeat. So, the number π goes on infinitely. Pi was not discovered in the recent times, but it was discovered by ancient mathematics both in India as well as in China. The maximum decimal points that they could reach was till 7 and today computer scientists have computed π to over 13 trillion digits.

And it should be noted that π is not just a discrete number used in complex mathematics. π is a very practical number and it is extensively used in trigonometry and geometry where circles, ellipses or spheres are involved. Not only in trigonometry and geometry, π is also used various sciences such as cosmology, number theory, statistics, fractals, thermodynamics, mechanics and electromagnetism as well.

Pi Day and its significance

Pi Day celebrations have been organized first by Larry Shaw in 1988 at San Francisco Exploratorium. In March of 2009, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution where 14 of March of observed as National Pi Day.

Pi Day Celebration Ideas

Pi Day is celebrated with various activities. Some of the activities have been mentioned below.

Baking Pies: Pie baking and pie eating are one of the first and foremost activities that come to mind on Pi Day. The symbol π inscribed on the pie or the number 3.141592…. can also be inscribed on the pie to make it look geeky. Don’t just have one or two pies on Pi Day. Friends or coworkers can come together and bake different types of pies and have a big pie feast.

Listen to Pi music: Pi has also been an inspiration for artists as well. Take for example Kate Bush’s song Pi, Mathematical Pi and Lucy Kaplansky’s Song About Pi.

Wear π T-shirts: Wearing t-shirts with π symbol on them, is another idea of celebrating Pi Day. If you to attend a Pi Day event, make sure that you have a π t-shirt with you.

Pie Throwing Competition: If you’ve had enough of pie eating, perhaps, its time to throw some pie. It can be so much fun throwing pie on people.

Pi Greeting Cards: Surprise your geeky friends by sending them a Pi Greeting card on Pi Day. A quick search on the internet will reveal a whole stack of Pi Greeting cards.

Dressing up as Einstein: Don’t forget that Pi Day is also the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein. So, you could dress up like Einstein and also add a Pi Day complement along.

Pi Reciting Competition: Pi Reciting is about who can recite the maximum number of π digits accurately. Prepare an exotic pie and make an announcement that whoever wins the competition will be awarded the pie.

Take Pi Pictures: You and your friends can stand in π form and take pictures from overhead. If the number of people are more, then you can go with π digits.

Simon Says Challenge: Simon Says game can be incorporated into Pi Day celebrations with people giving Simon Says challenge on the digits of π. The 1st person will start with 3, the 2nd person will start with 3.1. The 3rd person will have to repeat all the digits and tell out the next digit accurately and so on. This game can go on till the last person who gets its wrong.

These are some of the activities that you can do for this year’s Pi Day celebrations. For more details, visit

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