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The importance of Branding in Marketing

A brand can be defined as a name, term, sign, symbol, or design or a combination of these in order to identify and differentiate the goods and services of one seller or groups of sellers easily from others whose market offerings are same. Branding is not done to get the target market or to increase sales of the product or service but to communicate the characteristics, values and the attributes of [...]

Best Excuses for not doing your Homework

During school education teachers give a lot of homework. Some are good in doing the homework and some are not. But the common thing is that almost all students, at least once have not done the homework and would have to give some excuses for not completing the homework and not to get into trouble or punishment.  Here are some pleas to get an escape from the punishments. But make sure that don’t [...]

Consumer Behavior in Marketing

Consumer behavior in marketing is the study of and understanding of individuals, groups or organizations and their interests for particular products and services. Consumer behavior is also about the psychology of consumers which is translated into what is the basic need of the consumer, how does a consumer feel about a product, what the factors that affect the process of selection between various [...]

Organic Chemistry Introduction

As we all know, organic chemistry is part of general chemistry. The only difference between general chemistry and organic chemistry is that organic chemistry is the study of organic compounds and organic materials mainly based on carbon. Organic chemistry studies the physical and chemical properties and chemical reactivity of these organic compounds and materials. The most common form of organic [...]

Importance of Psychology in Nursing

Psychology is an applied science which is useful in studying mental functions, behavior and understanding of individuals and groups. Psychology and social psychology is of great importance in nursing. While psychology is the study of individuals, their behavior and their mental processes, social psychology is the study about how individuals’ behavior or mental states can be effected by social si [...]

Mothers Day Frugal Gift Ideas for College Students

Mothers Day is coming up fast and have you guys thought of the best gift that you can give to your mom? The gift that you want to give to your mom, it doesn’t need to be a costly gift. Anyone who has money can buy a costly gift. Even you can gift your mom one of the costliest gifts and it doesn’t have to be bought with tons of cash. All you need is to express your love towards that one person [...]

Final exam tips for college students

Final exam tips for college students Finals exams are some of the very tough times, especially for college and university and also for high school students as well. This is a crucial and tense period for most students who want to earn good scores in their final examinations. We can find many of students spending their time in libraries, on the internet, or sifting through their notes from earlier [...]

Tips for preparing for NCLEX Exam

NCLEX or the National Council Licensure Examination is an examination for licensing nurses in the US. NCLEX has two examinations, one for registered nurses and the other for practicing nurses. NCLEX exam is taken by nurses for obtaining their nursing licenses.  NCLEX examinations are held by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing or NCSBN.  This board consists of members representing ea [...]

Tips for cracking the A.P Test

AP test or the Advanced Placement test is conducted by the College Board, the same board that conducts the SAT exams. The AP exam is basically taken by high school students to get admission into some of the best colleges and universities. AP course and test basically ensure that your admission into colleges and universities is very smooth. AP course and test are more like a bridge course between h [...]

Exam Stress-buster Tips for College Students

Students getting excited, anxiousness, nervousness, being stressed out are some of the very common things that we can hear these days. Needless to say this excitement or anxiety or nervousness is caused by exams. Exam anxiety can affect a whole range of students ranging from top scorers to average and below average students. While studying with a little stress can act like a challenge, but studyi [...]