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Termination of Service in Human Resources

Human Resources According to the popular saying, “all the good things should come to a stop”, and so does employment. After the long process of recruitment, selection, training, working and career development naturally, the employee moves on. The process of ‘moving on’ or in terms of employment can mean different things under different circumstances. Resignation of the employee Retirement upon reaching an agreed predetermined age Retrenchment due to downsizing or redundancy Dismissal due to gross misconduct or poor performance or non-compliance Expiry of fixed term [...]


Service Differentiation in Marketing

Service Differentiation The concept of being different is very much essential in today’s world of cut-throat competition. The difference of one product from its competitor is the revenue that it earns. Products have to be different in order to survive the competition. It is not just the domestic competition but also the competition from and in abroad, as one country produces and sells in another country while some other countries produce and sell in our country. The targeted customers have [...]


Lean Manufacturing

The concept of Lean Manufacturing was first seen Japan particularly in Toyota Production System. The concepts, tools and techniques had gone through a lot of testing before they were accepted. Lean Manufacturing intends to revolutionize the manufacturing process. This was not a fine tuning that had been done on the existing manufacturing system. The manufacturing techniques are conceptually different from the traditional process. For example the traditional manufacturing work is based on inventory. But Lean Manufacturing questions the role of [...]


Manufacturing Innovation

Businesses and retail consumers have an ever-increasing range of products to choose from, so manufacturing businesses face constant competition in order to retain or increase their market share. Manufactures therefore need to be flexible in considering new ways of working as well as new technologies that will allow them to respond rapidly and cost-effectively to customer demand. Businesses can introduce innovation in manufacturing to a wide range of areas, including new processes, new materials and the use of new equipment. [...]


Human Resource Development

In organizations people develop in terms of numbers, but a successful organization is the one where proper training is imparted to their employees. This training is of two types. One is short-term training. And the other is long-term training. Short-term training is mainly focused on the job that has to be done and performance concerns. And the long-term training is about the development of the individual as well as the organization in terms of broadening the skills for future [...]


Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Systems take a variety of forms and are central to Performance Management Systems. Appraisal takes place annually between the manager and the employee. However there are number of trends that are changing the style and relationship of the appraisal. One important trend is to hold periodic reviews on a more regular basis. This allows for a more dynamic process of discussion and adjustment to objectives to counter the criticism that objectives set and reviewed annually do not fulfill [...]


Compensation & Rewards for Employees

A pay is a statement of an employee’s worth by an employer. An employee is given compensation based upon the contribution of that particular employee to the organization. Pay is a perception of worth by an employee. The employee shall also feel his worth thanks to his pay. This must not be confused with the least earning employees are worthless, but the priority, importance and the level of hierarchy must also be taken into consideration. Compensation is directly linked to the [...]


Recruitment & Selection Strategies

Recruitment: Recruitment is the process of finding possible candidates for a job or a function. Advertising is commonly part of the recruiting process and can occur through several means; through newspapers, through professional publications, using advertisements placed in windows, through a job center, through campus interviews, etc. Selection: The process used to identify and hire individuals or groups of individuals to fill vacancies within an organization. Often based on an initial job analysis, the ultimate goal of personnel selection is to ensure [...]


Torts in Law

A tort in common law is defined as a civil wrong that involves a breach of civil duty owed to someone else. This is in exception to contractual duty. A tort is similar to crime but crimes involve breach of duties toward the society in general. The aggrieved party who has been injured due to a tort may bring a lawsuit. One who commits a tort is called tortfeasor. A person who suffers a tortuous act is entitled to [...]


Career Management

When the word career comes to anyone’s mind, they tend to think differently and the perception about career is different for different people. Even scholars and researchers define the term differently. In normal sense, career is used to describe a sequence of related jobs that a person takes up during his/her tenure. Researchers Greenhaus and Schein came up with good definitions for the word career in a technical sense saying, “the pattern of work related experiences that span the course [...]