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How To Write Reflective Essay?

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Nursing reflective essays cover a big part of the nursing assignments. Students need to write down a reflection of their own experience in a professional narrative. A major part of the nursing homework involves students to write a detailed reflective essay. As a nursing student you need to jot down your entire experience in a manner which is professionally accepted. 

Considering the fact that a reflective essay is often based on your personal experience, as a nurse or a trainee, it is essential that you depict the story in a proper manner. A reflective nursing essay evaluates a student’s skill of narrating one particular nursing experience in a conscience manner whilst showcasing skills of applying the nursing theories. 

nursing reflective essay

If you are looking for help with your nursing reflective essay then is definitely your most reliable option. We are known to provide professional guidance and help with your nursing assignments. Check out our Nursing Assignment Help page to see the range of nursing homework help that we provide. We are considered to be the #1 nursing assignment support in the world. Meanwhile you can check out the various steps of writing a really good reflective essay for your nursing course. 

5 Best Tips to Write Nursing Reflective Essay

Describe Your Case

All nursing reflective essays start with a detailed description of the personal experience of the nurse. So, you should start the description in first person vividly narrating the events that took place and the crisis that the patient was facing. Try and mention the age, gender, and the medical condition of the patient. It is not mandatory to mention the name of the patient. On the other hand it would be wise to keep a pseudo name in order to protect the privacy of the patient. However, what you mention is the condition the patient was in and the medical intervention that you took part in. Try not to over-emphasize or glorify your intervention. Try and stick to the fact even if you just helped the patient with dressing a surgical wound. An honest reflective essay is worth more than a fake one. 

Jot down your True Feelings 

Once you describe your involvement with the patient it is important that you depict how you felt while working on the case. Narrate your feeling about everything. Start with your opinion on the intervention that you were advised by the doctor. You can express your feelings about the environment of the hospital. Writing your feelings about the medical intervention that you were supposed to make showcases your knowledge and experience on the matter. You can also comment on the attitude and approach of the doctor(s) along with the other care staff who were present in that medical unit, with you. Mix your feelings with both positive and negative opinions so that the reader of your reflective essay gets a realistic view of the matter. 

Evaluate Your Intervention and Experience

Whilst narrating your feelings about the situation you must not go into deep analysis. In the previous section, of your essay, you just blatantly state your feelings and opinions about the experience. It is in this step of reflective essay that you really go into deep evaluation of the intervention. In this section you must write what all could have gone wrong or in what ways you could have given a better treatment to the patient under consideration. This is the section where you can truly reflect on your experience and critically evaluate it. State whether the experience was challenging for you or if it was something which you found to be rather easy. Explain the feedback of the doctor and write down how you intend to incorporate his/her views into your future nursing practice. 

Analyze the situation with Peer Reviewed Articles 

Further to enhance your learning and understanding of the medical intervention and the condition of the patient you must analyze your experience against peer reviewed scholarly articles. This really gives your essay the final boost. This part of the essay is all about comparing the medical intervention you offered with what the theorists and the experts in the field have to say regarding the same matter. This section of the essay points out the aspects of your intervention and how well you have fared against the global standards of that same medical practice. Try and cite recent scholarly articles and peer reviewed journals covering the issues pertaining to the condition of the patient and the medical assistance you have provided. 

Conclude your Essay 

The last paragraph of your essay should conclude your experience along with the brief of the analysis of how your total intervention went through. The concluding paragraph should summarize everything. Starting from the depiction of the experience to your feelings along with the evaluation of the situation and the analysis of the intervention, all the points should be briefed in this section of the essay. 

Writing a reflective nursing essay is not an easy task even if you have gained your first-hand experience of delivering a medical intervention. We at will help you structure your experience in a professional manner and will assist you in wring a well-structured reflective essay of nursing intervention. 

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