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11 Most Common Mistakes Students Make When It Comes to Their Homework

By HWA | Publish On: January 24, 2020 | Posted In:

Writing academic papers is definitely not an easy task. One needs to follow the specific sets of instructions, do the research, and then write down the same, following a definite structure. The sound of it is tedious enough to give any student nightmares. However, luckily there are various online assignment help services available for the students which can lighten-up the burden. 

The chances of making a mistake in any assignment solution are immense. From misunderstanding the topic to making grammatical errors, from ignoring the formatting guidelines to forgetting to give proper citations, there is a lot that can go wrong in the homework paper. Such mistakes do not only cost you our grades but also it will impact you emotionally. 

Assignment helpers like can offer you respite. The team of experts here with us has worked on university standard homework solutions for more than a decade and we have a 97% track record of getting A+ grade in the assignments help papers

In the meantime, check out some of the basic mistakes that you can commit while working on your university assignment questions

11 Common Mistakes Students Make in Writing Their Homework

Not Reading the Instructions: 

The basic mistake the students make is overlooking the entire instructions. University professors tend to give long and detailed instructions. One needs to go through the entire list thoroughly. However, most students just read the main question and go straight to the writing part. Missing out key instructions is going to make you lose valuable grades. 

Misinterpretation of the Topic: 

Sometimes the topic can itself be misunderstood. Some wrong search keywords can take the students to a different set of journals and articles. That is why it is very important to understand and write the topic down. Topics like “Understanding the Economic Crash of 2009” and “Analyzing the impacts of the recession in the last decade” are entirely different, even though they hint at similar things. 

Misunderstanding the Question: 

In case study assignments the instructions often tend to give some questions. Many students make the mistake of misunderstanding the case study questions. For instance, the answers need to be addressed on the information based on the case study and should not be researched from outside sources, unless the professor specifies that. 

common mistakes in writing homework

Missing Key Formatting Guidelines: 

Many students miss out on scoring top grades for not formatting their assignments properly. These are silly mistakes which cost a lot. The professors tend to lose confidence, in the student, if they keep on missing the formatting guidelines. 

Not Meeting the Required Word Limit: 

Word limits are crucial when it comes to assignment writing. There is always a +/- 10% margin that can be maintained. But many students fail to understand that the referencing part is not included within the word count. That is why you need expert guidance in order to ensure that you meet the word requirement. 

Late Submissions: 

We understand that student life is stressful. You hardly get time to finish your studies. That is why it is obvious that sooner or later you will miss a deadline. This will immediately cause a loss of grades. Moreover, it will add to your stress level. 

Grammatical Error: 

Writing in a hurry often will make you commit silly mistakes. That is a tragedy. Grammatical errors will not only hurt your chances of scoring a higher grade but invariably it will make your professor put you in her bad books. Now that is really a concern when you are a university student. 

Wrong Essay Type: 

Your assignment essay can be of different types. An analytical essay is not similar to an argumentative essay. If your professor had asked for a persuasive essay and you deliver her a descriptive essay then you are surely going to score pretty low. It is very difficult for students to keep track of the types of essays. More often than not the students get confused about the expectations of each of the types of essays. 

Incorrect Referencing Style: 

Citing the bibliography is very crucial for any academic paper. It is not only a part of the overall academic ethics of crediting the source but it also carries a lot of weight when it comes to grading the paper. There are strict differences between the APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard styles of referencing. A student often makes the mistake of jumbling up all the referencing styles. 

Missing In-Text Citations: 

Only citing the bibliography is not enough. You also need to provide in-text citations against each of the facts you have stated in your homework essay. On each and every occasion when a student misses out on giving in-text references he/she is bound to lose points. 


New students, in a rush to complete a steep deadline assignment, plagiarize materials from the internet. This is a drastic mistake at any university level. All the works need to be original. Your teacher can quickly identify whether you have copied information from some other sources. 

At we make sure that none of the mistakes are being committed during the course of the assignment solution. Moreover, we take extra care in ensuring that all the formatting and referencing guidelines are being followed so that the students score maximum points in all departments. 

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