How to write a good Literature Review

How to write a good Literature Review

Perhaps the most important issue in college and University is writing a Literature review. The main aim of writing a literature review is to critically analyze the contemporary knowledge and or methodological approaches on a particular subject. They are secondary sources and do not report any original work. It can be regarded as a summary of previous research on a topic. The knowledge of prior research is important as it widens the knowledge in the subject. It updates the student with the works of other well-known researchers and their latest researches and the latest trends in the subject.

Often Literature Review is associated with academics where Literature Review preceeds Thesis Proposal. Literature Review is about reviewing a Research Literature. It introduces and provides examples of a range of techniques that can be used to analyze ideas, find relationships between different ideas and understand the nature and use of argument in research. Therefore, we can expect explanation, discussion and examples on how to analyze other people’s ideas, those ideas that constitute the body of knowledge on the topic of research.

The literature as a piece of academic writing must be clear, have a logical structure and show that one has acquired a sufficient range of skills and capabilities at an appropriate level.

The written thesis or dissertation needs to be reviewed as the evidence of one’s capabilities as a researcher. When one is ready to write up the work, one has major task: how to adequately, appropriately and interestingly describe, explain and justify what has been done and found out. The main vehicle is the thesis or dissertation.

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