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60 Good Topics For Fashion Dissertation

By HWA | Publish On: August 17, 2019 | Posted In:

If you have ever wondered what fashion dissertations are all about, then you should know that fashion dissertation is all about coming up with elaborative and self-evaluated derivations, notions and content addition based on thoroughly conducted research on the particular topic. This clearly means that selecting a proper topic to work on is something which is really important. Unless you have an interesting and relevant topic that allows you to conduct research and come up with enough findings, composing the paper is challenging. If you are about to write a fashion dissertation, then consider following the below-mentioned suggestions and a list of 60 most helpful and interesting dissertation topics that can assist you in drafting fully informative papers in a hassle-free way. is the most reliable fashion dissertation assignment help provider. We provide professional quality assistance to students who require help with their fashion dissertation. If you are still concerned about getting good grades in your fashion dissertation, do not worry!  Our experts will surely help you reach there. Visit our website right away! 

fashion dissertation topics

Selecting ideal dissertation topics plays a crucial role as discussed. Thus, lacking enough ideas and resources can lead students to disasters. Therefore, go through our list and then decide on the topic you ultimately want to work upon. Be extremely careful because this thesis is going to be really crucial from an academic point of view. We present to you, our 60 curated and good topics for fashion dissertation. Read on to find out what those topics are:

60 Best Fashion Dissertation Topics

  1. The influence of fashion on the young generation from celebrity lives and movies that they watch
  2. What fashion trend was brought in the world by the members of the famous band The Beatles?
  3. The impact of fashion bloggers and magazines on the society
  4. The role of women in the society with reference to the changing fashion trends over the years
  5. Brand image and brand identity of a fashion brand, and how far is it helpful for entrepreneurs in today’s market?
  6. The fashion revolution brought by Audrey Hepburn in the society
  7. Fashion over the past decades and how things evolved gradually?
  8. How did the 90’s fashion culture come into existence?
  9. The youth of 60’s and what was their fashion sense?
  10. Are leather garments fading out from the scene gradually?
  11. What is the history of the evolution of leather jackets?
  12. Does a large chunk of the fashion industry depend on animals? How far is it justified?
  13. How bows and ties came into existence?
  14. The evolution of leather and high ankle shoes
  15. The fashion statement of Lady Diana and how it influenced the then society
  16. How Smartphone these days is defining fashion among youths?
  17. Is Justin Bieber the new teenage sensation and fashion icon for the youths?
  18. What cinemas in the past and in today’s world have influenced the society in terms of fashion to a large extent?
  19. The influence of traditional wears on a society
  20. The fashion statements followed by jesters over the past centuries
  21. The emergence of suit and tuxedo
  22. Analysis and evaluation of the history behind the invention of the hat and how it has changed over the eras with new designs
  23. Do sports and fashion go hand in hand? Justify
  24. The origin of waistcoats; analysis based on its history
  25. Does luxury clothing require effective social media marketing in today’s world?
  26. Critical analysis of the fashion trends concerning kids-wear in the mid-90s.
  27. The concept of fashion and designing of clothes for the Superheroes
  28. The evolution of Australian fashion industry over the decades
  29. The concept of school dresses and designing
  30. The history and emergence of sneaker
  31. Fashion sense among the musicians from 70s
  32. The evolution of beach-wear
  33. Ball gown and its evolution in the society
  34. Role of fur in the fashion in the fashion industries
  35. The history and evolution of motif in the world of fashion
  36. The emergence and history of cross dressings
  37. Can clothes represent personality traits?
  38. The origin of maxi and mini skirts
  39. The history of wool and woolen wears
  40. How Sari came into existence?
  41. The origin of the bodice
  42. Is hair makeup really an integral part of the fashion industry?
  43. The dresses and style followed by nuns and monks over the past decades
  44. The origin and concept of baby fashion
  45. Is there a significant connection between religion and fashion?
  46. The influence of western fashion on people across the globe
  47. The penetration of nylon in the fashion industry
  48. The emergence of the concept of T-Shirts
  49. Fashion sense and traditional dressing among magicians over the decades
  50. A chronological analysis and study of fashion among men and women since the early 1800
  51. To determine relationship between fashion, culture, and identity
  52. The influence of fashion on everyday life
  53. Analysis of how fabric has influenced fashion throughout history
  54. The negative impacts of fashion on life of human beings
  55. Nylon- The most ravishing fashion innovation
  56. How clothes became a way to identify the class of a person?
  57. Academic dress in the education arena
  58. Decline of the tie- A social investigation
  59. Examining the trend of ethnic clothing
  60. How formal wear has become less prevailing in the workplace

Therefore, to conclude, this is the list of the best collected topics on fashion dissertation. We hope that after reading this, you have decided your topic and you have started working on your dissertation. Remember that everything will go well if you work hard. All the best!

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