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Emerging new technologies in online learning

By HWA | Publish On: June 12, 2010 | Posted In:

Emerging new technologies in online learning, Online learning
It has been observed that the steady increase in the cost of education has led to the decrease in the student enrollments. This has led to the increase in demand for distance education and online education.

Due to the developments in information technology and the internet, students are interested and are eager to explore the new ways of interactive learning. Students find the interactive learning more interesting than the conventional learning.

  • The internet is emerging as the global body knowledge and easily accessible, the trend toward internet based learning has increased steadily over the years and in particular in the present decade.
  • With innovations like online meeting and conferencing now available at very low costs, the inclination toward e-learning has increased further. This means that students can attend classes from anywhere.
  • Recent advancements in telecommunications like 3G and 4G services means that, with high speeds of accessing the internet from virtually anywhere, downloading academic information is just few clicks away.
  • With products like Tablet PCs being available in the market for low cost, students are really interested in the features that they hold in terms of digital writing surface and video conferencing.
  • Next generation software development can give way to more and more interactive websites that can offer a whole range of learning experience to students.
  • Students find it comforting to use social networking sites to be in touch with peers and teachers and sharing their knowledge. With the rise in popularity of online video websites, students can record the classes so that others can watch the recorded classes.
  • Emergence of other technologies like voice-to-text translators have a potential to change the face of online tutoring as students and teachers can interact by using these translators and do not miss out on important things.
  • Gaming and simulations can be a better and fun way of learning as students can learn both the theory as well the practical application of the study can improve.
  • One of the main reasons for many to have an interest in online learning is that they can run all year long. Many students who have dropped out can continue with their education. Online education can help educating the students from rural areas where the facilities are less compared to the urban areas. Students will be put in pressure as is seen today, but they can learn at their own pace.

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