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C++ is an object-oriented programming language. C++ language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the early 1980s. The language owes its origins to C language. The ‘++’ in the name were given to indicate the incremental value (‘++’ in C++ means incremental value). This meant that C++ was incremental improvement of C language.
The American National Standards Institute guarantees C and C++ languages. This guarantee is important because it denotes that every ANSI standard computer can run ANSI C++ programs. This means that C++ programs are portable.

In C++ a large program is broken down into a series of smaller programs or sub-programs. These sub-programs can be solved more or less independently and then combined to arrive at a complete solution.

As C++ is an object-oriented programming language, it is better to know what object-oriented programming language means. Object-orientation or simply ‘objects’ mean using data fields and methods together with interactions to design applications and computer programs. In other words the programming techniques focus more on data rather than the processes.

Main Concepts in Object-oriented programming language are Classes and Objects, Member functions, Private and Public Members. Classes are similar to C structure, except that the definition of the data structure, and all of the functions that operate on the data structure are grouped together in one place. An object is an instance of a class (an instance of the data structure). Objects share the same functions with other objects of the same class, but each object or instance has its own copy of the data structure. A class thus defines two aspects of the objects the data they contain and the behavior they possess. Member functions are considered to be a part of the object and are declared in the class definition. They are referred to as methods of the class. A public member of a class is one that can be read or written by anybody, in the case of a data member, or called by anybody, in the case of a member function. A private member can be read, written or called by a member function of that particular class.

There are other useful concepts in C++ language like Inheritance. Inheritance is an important concept. The idea behind inheritance is that if a program or code is written and if the same code can be used in other codes, then it is called inheritance. This means that a good amount of time is saved by using the concept of inheritance. The data types that are used in C++ range from integer, characters, strings, Boolean, user defined data types, etc.

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