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101 Best Analytical Essay Example | Complete Guide for 2023

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The primary goal of an analytical essay is to explain something bit by bit to enhance understanding and differs from other types of essays. Often times, an analytical essay is written about the analysis of a text, an idea, or a process. An analytical essay dissects something such as an idea, a thing, a concept, or even a character. The major aim of an analytical essay is to enhance the understanding of readers. The idea is broken into several parts through division and classification and then analyzed. The process is broken into several parts for analysis. Analytical essays not only enhance understanding but also make the reader aware of the minute details of things.

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Types of Analytical Essays:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Comparison and Contrast
  • Classification
  • Process
  • Definition

How to choose an effective analytical essay topic: 

Whether you were assigned to write a literary analysis essay or an analytical paper, choosing a good topic is the first thing that comes to your mind. A good analysis topic will influence the quality and context of your work. Also, it affects how you disclose the topic, and how engaging your essay will be. So, you need to carefully choose analytical essay topics for college.

If you are looking for an ideal analytical essay topic for your essay assignment, here are 101 best analytical essay topics:

101 Ideal Analytical Essay Examples

  1. Inequality: is this an issue we can’t avoid?
  2. The popularity of graffiti and street art and the reasons behind it
  3. Video games for children: pros and cons
  4. Is any form of addiction a disease or a personal choice?
  5. Does the size of a body affect a person’s quality of life?
  6. Why is doping a big issue in sports?
  7. Single parenting: how it affects the psychological and physical wellbeing of a child in the modern world?
  8. Ways of finding a balance between family life and career in  dual-career families
  9. Essay on Buy nothing day: is it still actual in 2019?
  10. Main distinctive features in communication between different genders
  11. Are personality and upbringing related?
  12. What are the reasons for personality disorders?
  13. Peer pressure and its influence on teenagers’ personalities
  14. Different forms of addiction among teens
  15. How does a family model affect a person’s personality?
  16. Pros and cons of a school uniform
  17. Bullying in schools
  18. Lack of funding for schools from poor neighborhoods
  19. Importance of sex education
  20. The role of school authorities
  21. Ways of improving the standards of education
  22. Are tests in school important? Why?
  23. For and against college tuition cancellation
  24. Importance of art education
  25. Does higher education guarantee a higher quality of life?
  26. Analyze a book’s main character
  27. Evaluate the mood of a story
  28. Make an analysis of a book’s significance and value
  29. Analyze the historical context of a work
  30. Analyze the cultural context of a work
  31. Analyze a book’s main idea
  32. Make an analysis of the key events from a book
  33. Analyze the evidence provided in a book
  34. What message does the author convey in his or her book?
  35. How did the author’s background affect his or her art?
  36. Why contact zoos are becoming more popular?
  37. How to help keep the environment clean?
  38. Can every person influence the course of history?
  39. Why does TV impose a common opinion?
  40. How to replace a smartphone for a walk in the park?
  41. Why the government creates secret experiments?
  42. Why our society does not like weak people?
  43. Why is life in the desert very difficult?
  44. Why do we have the ability to make decisions?
  45. Our brain is a complicated computer?
  46. Why all people cannot be kind and polite?
  47. Why is our planet protected from the radiation of the sun?
  48. Why do people want to conquer the highest peaks in the world?
  49. Why parents do often not understand their children?
  50. Why people do not like criticism?
    analytical essay example
  51. Why did the concept of war appear?
  52. Why did religion cause many conflicts?
  53. Explore the antagonist’s motivation and raison d’être.
  54. Analyze the book’s historical context and its reflection in the narration.
  55. Break down the author’s background and its influence on his or her writing.
  56. Investigate the writer’s inspiration and hidden meanings.
  57. Review the most potent literary devices used by the author.
  58. Consider the book’s significance and influence on other writers.
  59. Discuss the settings and background and how they support the storyline.
  60. Evaluate the mood of the story and its effect on your emotional state.
  61. Dissect the writer’s main idea.
  62. Assess the efficiency of foreshadowing in the book.
  63. Consider the negative impact of household cleaning products on the environment.
  64. Evaluate the necessity of animal testing and possible alternatives.
  65. Assess the correlation between smog and allergy rates.
  66. Review the drawbacks of alternative energy sources.
  67. Analyze the ways to promote full-scale recycling.
  68. Break down the ecological impact of your household.
  69. Dissect the causes for the accelerating pace of the extinction of species.
  70. Explore the solutions for cleaning the oceans from waste.
  71. Investigate the atmospheric discharges of local manufacturers.
  72. Discuss practical ways everyone can make a positive environmental impact.
  73. Break down the social, economic, and psychological reasons for bullying.
  74. Review the influence of TV, social media, or gaming on teenagers.
  75. Discuss your college expectations and compare them to reality.
  76. Analyze the lack of motivation for studying among the youth.
  77. Explore the conflicts between parents and teenagers.
  78. Dissect the teenagers’ need for independence and their parents’ reluctance to provide it.
  79. Evaluate your high school experience.
  80. Investigate the problem of alcohol and drug addiction among the youth.
  81. Assess the teenagers’ rights and obligations in a school context.
  82. Consider the motivation and reasoning of college dropouts.
  83. Dissect the benefits and drawbacks of nationalism.
  84. Analyze the best speech from the latest Presidential campaign.
  85. Explore the differences between American and European democracies.
  86. Assess the reasons behind the ongoing presence of monarchies.
  87. Evaluate the impact of outdated laws on your everyday life.
  88. Review the critical components of an election campaign.
  89. Consider the advantages of anarchy compared to democracy.
  90. Investigate the evolution of the President’s Twitter.
  91. Discuss the importance of the right to vote in the citizen’s life.
  92. Break down the wrong strategy chosen by the party that lost the last election.
  93. Consider the reasons behind the immigration crisis.
  94. Analyze the negative impact of refugees on local communities.
  95. Discuss the ongoing changes in gender roles across different societies.
  96. Evaluate the impact of the longer lifespan on society.
  97. Dissect the premise for one of the ongoing armed conflicts.
  98. Investigate the popularity of tattoos and piercings across generations.
  99. Explore the shift towards online communication from face-to-face interactions.
  100. Review the current social tensions and their causes.
  101. Assess gender inequality still present in professional circles.

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