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9 Survival Hacks for College

By HWA | Publish On: August 21, 2015 | Posted In:

College life can be so much fun, especially if you’re a fun-loving person yourself. College life is the life where you make a lot of friends, some of them will become your life-time friends and also it is the place where the path towards your career might be decided. But, college life isn’t all that fun and play, especially when you have to live without the support or caretaking of your parents. That, transition part can be a little different. Hence, you might want to learn few tricks for survival in college. And here are few tips that can help you not only to manage time but also money and can also be very satisfactory.

Survival Hacks and Tips for College

Here are some hacks and tips for your survival in college

Know where free food is

Knowing how to get free food can be a lifesaver. When you’re new to college, or a fresh year begins, make sure that you attend all those events such as freshman welcome events, club recruitment events, student government activities, etc. These events generally offer limitless food. You could also ask your seniors where you could get free food in the campus.

Take notes

As a high school student up until now, you might not have the habit of taking notes. Make it a habit. Also, you could record your classes on your phone, be it video or audio, apart from notes. Because, after few weeks, even after noting down, something might seem out of place and a corresponding recording of the class can clear that doubt. Also, mark important topics of sub-topics of sentences using different colored markers and assign each color marker for its importance. Lets say, a highly important note can be marked with red, followed by yellow, green and blue.

Focus on building your GPA in the beginning

While the beginning days of college can be full of fun and making new friends, it’s also the best time to build up your GPA score. You can easily build your GPA score with easy subjects, rather focusing on harder subjects much later. So, apart from fun and games, do invest some time on improving your GPA early on. This can prove to be a boon later on.

Keep a good rapport with your professors

Build a good relationship with your professor from the very beginning. This can come a long way. This will make it easy for you to approach your professor for any doubts or things that you find difficult. Also, your professor might consider you for research position. And write good recommendation letters for you. But, don’t build rapport just for the sake of it. Make sure that you reciprocate with your professor positively.

Try befriending your seniors

Your seniors can also be good guides and sometimes life savers. Make sure that you have good rapport with them as well, at least with some good guys. Your seniors can offer you their text books, notes and can also advice you about which professor to go with and whom to not.

Make good friends

Needless to say, college is a place where you’ll be making most of your friends. Quantity is not important, but focus on quality. Make good friends. Friends who are hard working and point out your flaws. People, who point out your flaws will help you in making a better person out of yourself. That doesn’t mean that you should be hanging around with bullies. There’s a difference between positive criticism and bullying.

Food habits

Make sure that you eat healthy food during your college. Learn few hacks and tips for healthy cooking at your dorm room. This can include making different types of ramen with eggs and vegetables, mushrooms, etc. or making scrambled eggs in a coffee mug and most importantly making coffee without a coffee maker.

Student discounts

There are so many stores both online and physical stores that offer discounts for students. These stores include Apple, Amazon, Fedex, Guilford Press, Wall Street Journal, College Budget, Survey Monkey, Adobe, Norton, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Ableton, AT&T, T-Mobile, Subway, Burger King, etc.

Find the right bathroom

Make sure that you find a good bathroom in your campus which is used infrequently and also know when it is scheduled for cleaning. Use this bathroom and don’t tell this to anyone. Mouth-to-mouth information can spread like wild fire.

With these survival hacks and tips in hand, we hope that your college life goes by without any problems. From, we wish you all the best and come out in flying colors. For more details, visit our website at

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