8 Easter Basket Ideas For College Students

8 Easter Basket Ideas For College Students

Easter basket

Celebrations know no boundaries and this stands true in case of Easter. Easter is celebrated all across the globe with so much of joy. It’s the day when people bury their differences and rejoice together. Easter celebrations are not complete without Easter Baskets. People show their love for others through Easter baskets. If you want to surprise your beloved ones, here are some interesting ideas for your Easter basket…

1. Movie
Fill basket with a throw blanket of a movie. Add two packages of microwave popcorn, theater box candy, and 2 bottles of soda.

2. Gardening
Fill with seed packets, gardening tools, a sun hat, sunglasses, and gardening gloves.

3. Fishing
Fill with bait, hooks, weights, an extra roll of fishing line, and a bag of sunflower seeds.

4. Sports
Fill with sports memorabilia, a bag of potato chips, a bottle of soda, a baseball cap with the person’s favorite team on the front, and a TV schedule of all their favorite games.

5. Relaxation
Fill with bath salts, lotions, gourmet chocolate, and a gift card for a massage.

6. Safety Tools
Safety is the most important whether on or off campus. Craft a survival kit themed basket. Fill the basket with general safety supplies, such as a compact flashlight, utility tool or multi-tool, travel-sized first aid kit, pocket-sized sewing kit, flu and cold medicine, tire gauge and batteries.

7. Health
Fill with healthy snacks such as raisins, nuts, and dried fruits, as well as a workout video, personalized towel and a water bottle.

8. Technology
College students are inseparable from gadgets. Fill a basket with ear buds, a cell phone skin or case, a flash drive, iTunes gift card, LCD wipes, car adapter, computer speakers, antivirus software or a pack of styluses. Include a larger gift, such as an Mp3 player, digital camera or a tablet PC/reader, to tie the theme together.

Fill your basket of heart with Love, share Joy and Happiness………

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