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6 Best Tips For Journal Writing

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Writing a journal can be a pleasant experience if you adhere to the official journal writing format. If you want to write a compelling journal in a short time, here are some tips to need to abide by.

Choose the journal type

Since journal writing is a personalized entry, you can maintain it in several ways. You can pen down your thoughts in a book, maintain daily notes on your computer, or copy. But you need to choose the medium carefully as it is your passion.

journal writing tips

Types of Journal Writing:

  • Reading journal
  • Dream Journal
  • Art Journal
  • Food journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Workout journal and many more.

Date Your Entry

Noting down the date of the journal will pay you off in the long run. It will help you to recollect the sequence of the events, once you start assigning the dates in your journal. If you had been part of an event held for three days, you will be able to distinguish the details of each day.

You can use a standard date format like DD/MM/YYYY or any other comfortable format you can remember.

State Honest Views

If you hide facts, you won’t be a reliable storyteller. Present a detailed journal and emphasize the points of the story that mattered to you. The important aspect of good journal writing is stating honest views. Don’t exaggerate any incident and pay attention to essential details.

Incorporate Details

Your journal will be more relevant if you incorporate details like the time, the location of the event, the people you interacted with, etc. and everything. To make your teachers more engaging, make use of the five senses in your journal writing.

Share Your Opinion

Share your personal opinion on the matter to make your journal stand out from the rest of the class. Share your emotions like happy, sad, or ecstatic at a particular point in time. It’s time to show off your creativity with journal writing. Just grab the opportunity and display your writing ability.

Choose Your Word Count Wisely

There is no prescribed word count for journal entries. It depends on the incident and involves a lot of details that you need to make a precise entry. You can also extend it you want to. However, if your college assigns a particular word count, then you need to consider it.

6 best tips for journal writing

Journal Writing Template and Format

Journal writing and format varies from one person to another and has to abide by the format as specified by your professor. After choosing the topic, you must write it in the following format:

Date of entry – the day you are making an entry

Introduction – an exciting opening line and background details of the incident

Body – the details of the incident like timings, location, characters, etc.

Conclusion – important moments of the event and final views on the matter

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