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5 Promises a Student Will Always Fail to Keep

By HWA | Publish On: July 5, 2016 | Posted In:

5 Promises A Student Will Always Fail to Keep

We always make resolutions which we can’t keep up. Even if we know deep inside that we can’t make it work, we still make new resolutions all the time. And for students to hold on to their promises is very hard. Every semester they come up with new never ending promises. Here are some promises which a student never lives up to.

5 Promises a Student Will Always Fail to Keep

1. I shall not procrastinate
After spending the time without productivity, we regret in the class or exam that why have we postponed the things? Why haven’t we read the things before night? Then we keep telling ourselves that this semester will be different from the last one.

2. I’ll Plan my Routine
You’ll always find a student who always manages time for everything. But you still complain about having less time for your activities. If someone else can do it, then you too can do it. Come out from imagination and start planning your activities.

3. I’ll follow a healthy diet
As a student, you need to be focused on your studies. But having junk food all the time doesn’t help you to stay focused. So, start a healthy diet plan and follow it.

4. I’ll exercise daily
We always get inspired when we see a guy with ripped muscles and right then we decide to do some regular exercise. First day we will sweat out and the next day pain changes our mind. And daily exercise is a dream again. Exercising daily will keep you fit and healthy. Make it a habit even if it’s hard for you.

5. I’ll party less
Sunday morning; it will be appropriate to call afternoon because after a long night party you wake up in the afternoon and feel like you were hit by a bus. Then you’ll slowly remember your weekend activities and worst decision you have taken. Every week you promise yourself that it is never going to happen again and still end up doing the same stupid things.

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