Top Challenges Faced By International Students In Australia

Top Challenges Faced By International Students In Australia

Challenges Faced By International Students In Australia

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Australia has become one of the dream destinations for students to pursue higher education. Though it remained as the most cherished location for Asian students, now a significant percent of the international student population is from Europe and North America too.
Getting acquainted to a new way of living and customs is the most difficult part. It’s a universal problem for all the students who pursue studies in a foreign land. If you are planning to enhance your academic qualifications in Australia, here are some challenges which you need to understand and adapt.

Top Challenges Faced By International Students In Australia

Culture shock
A person, who is introduced to a new culture, will feel isolated. The students from USA and UK won’t feel any difference, but the students from the Asian, African and other European countries may experience a culture shock. This often leads to a physical and emotional discomfort.
Most of the colleges and universities organize workshops for the international students which provide the needful resources to the international students. Assistance will be given till the student graduates from the institution. Just give yourself some time and soon you will make new friends.
Though all the international students are proficient in English language, it will be difficult to grasp the Australian accent. Lexical differences and the style of speech trouble them considerably. Also the lectures, tutorials and notes are given in this style of speech. So, students find it difficult to understand some idioms and abbreviations which they are not familiar with.
Here too, some colleges and universities organize classes which are termed as ‘Language, Literacy and Learning’ or ‘3L’. With these classes international students can catch up with the style of speech and accent.
Educational Structure
The educational system varies from country to country. Australia encourages autonomous learning, critical thinking, problem solving skills and confident communication. However each student is from varied background and feels a little confused with this form of learning patterns. The students have to work independently or in groups to complete given tasks. They are required to critically analyze every situation and provide a suitable solution. Seeking the help of Academic Developers who work with the college staff will come in handy.
Individual Problems
Homesickness and ill health due to climate change are the major problems every international student faces. Clearly there is no remedy for homesickness, but with the advanced technology you can talk or video chat with your family and friends at any time. Following the dressing style which suit better in those climatic conditions and taking necessary medicines along with you can protect you from illness.
At first, every problem looks bigger. But as you understand and realize the situation properly, you can easily overcome any challenge. Of all the things, if you still face difficulties, approach student counselors. They will give you the ideal advice and guidance. provides timely help at affordable charges with detailed answers to your assignments, homework, research paper, research critique, case studies or term papers so that you get to understand your assignments better apart from having the answers. The team has helped a number of students pursuing education through regular and online universities, institutes or online Programs.
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