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10 Websites that Students Should Know About

By HWA | Publish On: February 19, 2014 | Posted In:

College students go through many things in life and budget is the biggest problem of them all. Living with friends in a dorm room or living alone or in an apartment with friends, either ways students spend a lot of money on many things. And once online, you can see ads everywhere promising heaven. But, when you click on a seemingly useful ad turns out to be some paid service which asks you to buy something useless.

But, if you can spend some time during weekends on the internet, there are actually many such services which you can avail them for free on the internet. These services include some regular things such as an online photo editing software to free financial planner or free discount coupon giver.

Here are some websites that college students can benefit from

Dorm Dorm is an online store that sells things that are needed in every dorm room. The items that you can find at Dorm range from trunk boxes, closets, furniture, appliances, beddings, rugs, bed sheets, laundry bags, etc. The items sold here are cheap and depending on the scale of purchase they provide free shipping.

Mint: Mint is a free financial organizer that helps you to organize your financial information at one place. Don’t worry about privacy because, it is also secure. It’s a very good tool for college students who want to keep track of their financial expenses.  Mint lets you to set alerts when you have reached critical balances.

Citation Machine: Almost all students face trouble while citing references in their papers. One of the main issues is the difference in styles of citations. You don’t have to worry any more. With Citation Machine, you just need to select the style, enter the name of the author, name of the book or source and other details, and it will generate the reference based on the style.

Cramster: Cramster is really a boon to students. Unlike tutoring sites where dedicated professionals provide online tutoring, at Cramster students themselves provide assistance to other students. This is a good place to search for students who might not be able to afford regular online tutoring services.

Bank Rate: Bank is a website that helps to calculate the interest rates in your educational loans. Keeping an interest calculator at hand is important because it would be the last thing to have a huge loan dragging you down during your studies and post college.

Google Scholar: We all know about the free services provided by Google. But, how many of us actually use Google Scholar. Google Scholar is perhaps the best way to find legitimate sources for references while writing down a term paper. It easily lets you to pinpoint scholarly articles from peer reviewed journals. is an organizer that helps you to organize your stuff which can range from keeping track of your notes, your projects, assignments, homework, etc and more. Once you create an account, you can freely access your data from anywhere through anything,  your iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc.

Rate My Professor: Rate My Professor is another amazing online tool. The website is being used by more than 11 million students who have already rated 1 million college professors across the United States. You can use this tool to help organize your class schedules, projects, etc. Book is a website which lets you sell those expensive text books that you’ve bought last semester and now trying sell away but no one’s ready to take them and you are forced to sell them at the least price imaginable. Well, Book Scouter helps you in finding websites which buy your books for a good price. is another website which lets you find what’s purely local. More often you might be asking your friends about the best restaurants in town and you’ll find that everybody has a different view and you end up in the wrong place more often. Well, is the answer. has real reviews of places such as restaurants, shopping malls, theatres, doctors, etc and many more visited by real people. So, you can count on it. You could also share your experiences with the places that you’ve visited. Solution Library: offers online tutoring, assignment help and homework help services. In order to reach to more and more students, has started a Solution Library which offers on demand solutions for question in various subjects.

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