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US Taxation Assignment Help

The tax system in the United States is both at the state level and the federal level. The many types of taxes that are found in the US include income tax, sales tax, capital gain tax, etc. The federal government and the state government have their own category of taxes and each cannot interfere in the collection of the other. In the US, each state has its own rate of tax for the category of taxes controlled by the states. The federal government on the other hand has control over taxes such as income tax of individuals, corporations, and other artificial persons.

Some of the topics covered under US Taxation include

  • Tax rates in the US
  • Computation of Taxable Income
  • Special Tax Tables
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts – Estates
  • Exempt Organizations
  • Income
  • Exclusions from Income
  • Business Expenses
  • Non-business Expenses
  • Losses
  • Depreciation, Amortization, and Depletion
  • Tax Credits
  • Minimum Tax
  • Tax Accounting
  • Securities Transactions
  • Tax Shelters – At Risk Rules – Passive Losses
  • Retirement Plans
  • Corporate Acquisitions – Reorganizations – Liquidations
  • Special Corporate Status
  • US Taxation of Foreign Activities and Foreign Tax Payers
  • Returns – Payment of Tax
  • Withholding – Estimated Tax
  • Examination of Returns – Collection of Tax
  • Penalties – Interest
  • Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

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US Taxation Assignment Help

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