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Time management is considered a very important business skill. It is essentially about spending the hours and minutes of the day as effectively as possible. Like many areas of business life good time management is a combination of common sense, some basic techniques, and experience over time to develop good working habits.

Why should we know about time management? As companies pay us salaries for our time, each unit of time costs money.  So, we have the responsibility of spending our employer’s money wisely. Once time has been used it can’t be replaced or brought back. So, every employee must use his or her time wisely, and make sure that time is not wasted on unproductive issues.

Knowing how to plan work and tackle it effectively has a lot of benefits. It will increase achievements and spend less effort making up for a lost time. One will be able to set aside time for thinking and important tasks and produce better results, which will make the day much more rewarding and stress-free. Good time management is about putting the techniques and tools into practice and establishing working patterns or habits that are effective.

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The steps for better time management:

  • Make a to-do list: The first step to better time management is to make a to-do list. A very simple but effective way of doing things according to time.
  • Review your action list and set priorities: After successfully completing the work, review your work so that there are no mistakes or errors. If any errors roll out of your work, then you have to start all over again.
  • Evaluate your own goals: To understand what priorities should be, evaluate your goals, define the objectives to reach them, and the steps or actions needed.
  • Make space for new responsibilities: If a new job is given to you which is urgent work, then reschedule your to-do list to accommodate this work and complete this work on a priority basis.
  • Break rocks into pebbles: The number of jobs in your list, break each job into several smaller pieces so that you can work on them in small time gaps and complete the task. This is better for things that have some time, say 1 week or 10 days or 2 weeks, etc.
  • Delegate your work: Delegation of work is a good way to ensure efficient time management. You don’t have to be a manager to delegate your work. You always can ask your coworkers for help. Of course, ask them politely, even if they have work to do.
  • Avoid time-wasting situations: Try to avoid time-wasting situations at work. These can be unnecessary chatting with your colleagues during working hours, sitting idly when your boss has gone out, keep your desk clean and tidy.

The above-mentioned steps are better ways to manage time at work.

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