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SPSS Windows is one of the oldest windows, yet still widely being used as a statistical software package. The first version of SPSS appeared on the market in the year 1968. The SPSS Software package consists of a base module needed for all applications.

History and Development of SPSS

Many Statistical computations involve sequences of simple arithmetic operations repeated many times. Consider, for example, the computation of common statistics such as the standard deviation is given as follows:

  • Determine the number of cases
  • Compute the sum of all observed values
  • Divide this sum by the number of cases, which gives the mean
  • For each case, compute the observed value minus the mean
  • Compute the squares of these differences
  • Determine the sum of all squares
  • Derive this sum by the number of observations minus 1 and
  • Find the root of the division result.

It is a useful exercise to perform this computation by hand once or twice. From the beginning, there were many statisticians have been eagerly using electronic technology as an aid to arithmetic.

Ever since 1968 when SPSS was introduced as a statistical analysis program for the social sciences, the package has been part of the development. The original meaning of the SPSS is the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It has developed into a modular package that handles data, data processing, and format. The target group has long included users from disciplines other than the social sciences. SPSS can be used whenever data are collected, analyzed, and presented in the form of tables and charts.

One of its strong points is that SPSS is capable of performing almost all common types of analysis. This makes the software particularly suitable for analyzing data obtained by questionnaires. Thus such reports projects usually include variables at different measurement levels, that is ratio or interval data that occur together with nominal or ordinal variables. The broad applicability of the program is also used by the number of users, which SPSS claims to exceed 3 million worldwide.

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Our team of online SPSS assignment and SPSS homework help experts are well versed in the subject of statistics and its applications. With a master’s and Ph.D. in Statistics, our team of online SPSS assignment tutors is well-equipped to help you with any sort of assignment help requests for SPSS.

  • With a Ph.D. in Statistics from one of the leading statistical institutes of California our lead online SPSS assignment help expert is currently working as an analyst with Procter & Gamble in their research and development sector. His in-depth knowledge of the subject along with the topic of SPSS and SPSS Windows makes him an expert online tutor on the same.
  • Working as a part-time lecturer at one of the leading universities of Melbourne our next online SPSS assignment expert is a master’s degree holder in statistics. She is highly proficient in writing analytical and critical assignment essays with excellent research and reference work.
  • Holding a Ph.D. in Statistics he has been tutoring with HelpWithAssignment for over seven years. His extensive knowledge of stats and in particular SPSS along with lucid and comprehensive assignment and essay writing style has helped many students, over the years, understand their SPSS assignment material better and score A and A+ grades.  

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SPSS Assignment Help

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