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What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

Industrial-Organizational Psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on the scientific study of human behavior in different organizations and also the workplace. According to the American Psychological Association, this field is considered to be young and is from the 20th Century.

What is the work of I-O psychologists?

Industrial-Organizational psychologists are focused mainly on job efficiency such as the optimization of the number of items that a factory worker could initially inspect per workday. They use all the scientific methods in order to apply the principles of psychology all across the areas and it involved administration, management, training, human resources, and marketing at the same time. The ultimate goal is to identify and solve all of the problems that are initially related to the workplace. I/O psychologists might initially be employed in a variety of settings that involves consulting firms or development firms and research or large corporations and different community organizations at the same time. However, Industrial-Organizational psychologists duly work for the research groups in order to explore all the concepts of employment such as the methods in order to improve employee engagement and the company’s culture or sexual harassment and all the stigmas in the workplace.

Role of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists:

  •          Works within the human resource offices
  •          Assists in training and motivating the workforce
  •          Applying psychological research in the Workplace
  •          Assisting businesses to hire more qualified employees
  •          Help in increasing job performance
  •          Studying consumer behavior
  •          Increasing business efficiency
  •          Easing transitions such as the corporate mergers
  •          Improving the qualify of life for employers and employees
  •          Improving organizational structure

Topics under Industrial-Organizational Behavior

  •          Job analysis
  •          Personnel recruitment and selection
  •          Performance appraisal or performance management
  •          Group behavior
  •          Motivation in the workplace
  •          Job satisfaction and commitment

Other topics:

  •          Assessing the individual
  •          Health and well-being
  •          Workplace bullying, violence, and aggression
  •          Remuneration
  •          Training and evaluation
  •          Occupational safety
  •          Occupational stress
  •          Organizational culture
  •          Productive behavior
  •          Organizational citizenship behavior
  •          Leadership
  •          Innovation

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