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Porter’s Five Force Model

Porter’s Five Force Model was suggested by Michael E. Porter. Porter’s Five Force Model or Porter’s Five Force Analysis is a framework for analyzing the level of competition being faced by an organization in a particular industry and the means, ways, and strategies through which this competition can be countered with.

Porter’s Five Force Model takes into consideration Industrial Organization Economics as the basis for the analysis. The analysis involves forces operating in a micro-environment and macro-environment. Micro-environmental factors are those which are very near to the firm or the organization and macro-environmental factors are those which affect the whole economy or at least the industry, in which the organization is operating.

The five forces according to Porter are

  • Buyers
  • Suppliers
  • New Entrants
  • Substitutes
  • Rivalry

These forces can be explained further in detail.

Buyers: Buyers have the power of bargaining with organizations, which reduces the price of the product and ultimately decreases the profit-earning potential of the organization.

Suppliers: Suppliers, on the other hand, also have bargaining power over organizations. Of course, this is different for buyers. This bargaining power would increase the price of supplies. These supplies are needed in the manufacture of finished goods, which are sold in the market. As a result of the increasing price of supplies, organizations have to increase the price of the final product.

New Entrants: New entrants can also greatly influence existing organizations in a line of business. As new entrants come into a market, the first thing they do is bring down the price of the products or services. This can be a threat to existing businesses as their profit margin and market share might be reduced by this. One way to counter this threat is by having patents, trademarks, technical know-how, etc.

Substitute products: Substitute products are also a threat to a business. Substitute products or services may not be similar in nature, but they can be different. For example, in a city, mass transit can have a substitution for own transportation or bicycle or walking, etc.

Rivalry: Rivalry from the existing competition can also be a great threat. As rival organizations in one industry, they always try to outsmart each other in terms of features, and advantages in their products and services.

Porter’s Five Force Model helps in coming up with strategies to counter these threats in an industry.

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