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Physics Magnetism

What is  Magnetism?

The classical magnet is a mineral called lodestone, which can be found in nature. It has the property to attract certain metallic objects and also in some cases can magnetize these objects themselves. The most common magnets are, of course, made of iron.

A simple but very popular experiment in magnets can be done. By taking a bar magnet and placing it under a sheet of paper and then putting some iron filings on the paper. As a result of the magnetic force around the magnet, the iron filings spread out in the direction of the magnetic force.

A magnet has two poles, the North Pole, and the South Pole. Earth is also considered a magnet and there is a north and south pole on Earth too. That is the reason why, when a magnet has freely suspended magnet orients itself to the geographic north pole and south pole showing us the exact location of the poles. This is the basic principle behind the working of a magnetic needle in a compass.

The poles in a magnet are very similar to an electric charge, in that opposite poles attract one another, just as positive and negative charges attract each other and like poles i.e. north pole repels the north pole and the south pole repels the south pole.

There is a connection between magnetism and electricity which was discovered in the late eighteenth century. This discovery led to many experiments which proved that magnetism and electricity cannot be separated and they lie perpendicular to each other. It was also learned that one can be used to manipulate the other. This led to many experiments by Michael Faraday who conducted many experiments with a moving-coil galvanometer which eventually gave rise to the dynamo and then to the alternator and today’s huge power generation plants. The discovery of the relationship between magnetism and electricity proved to be a turning point in the history of modern human civilization.

Today, magnets are of great importance. Without magnets, electricity could not be mass-produced. Magnets or magnetism is the key ingredient in motors that drive water, fuel, and other liquids. Magnets are one of the main components of sound systems. Magnets are found in many devices that we use today, most importantly in MRI scanning or Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is one of the best diagnostic tools.

In recent times, magnetism is the key ingredient in maglev or Magnetic Levitation trains which are some of the fastest trains on earth and have been manufactured thanks to strong electromagnets.

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 Physics Magnetism

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