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Introduction to Pathophysiology in Nursing 

Comprehensive nursing care stems from a thorough understanding of underlying pathophysiology (PP) of every single disease condition. PP provides a completed understanding of the structural and functional impairments, disease manifestations with the projected outcomes. PP helps a Nurse understand the signs and symptoms of a specific illness. This aids in the diagnosis, and planning of appropriate management measures. Through an understanding of PP aids in faster diagnosis, and better prognosis, based on the disease conditions.

Areas of Pathophysiology

Disease and Etiology: This section focuses on all types of genital, congenital, and acquired illnesses.

Signs and Symptoms: Sign is purely objective, observed and identified by the health care professional. For example, yellow discoloration of the sclera in jaundice, observed by a nurse can be termed as a sign. The symptom is subjective in nature, which is often said to be the health complaints given by the patient. For example, a headache is a sign experienced and stated by the patient.

Investigations and diagnosis: Investigation sis the lab tests and other measures used to diagnose a disease. The root cause of a particular illness can be identified. Investigations pave way for diagnosis.

Treatment: Establishing appropriate diagnosis aids in disease treatment. Some disease requires only short term treatment measures, whereas others require long term management

Prognosis: Prognosis is nothing but the expected outcome measures. Prognosis helps to determine the recovery or survival of patients.

In a nutshell, PP includes all the above steps and aids in successful patient recovery. Nurses are expected to possess a comprehensive understanding of PP that endures in relevant nursing care. PP is highly evidence-based and helps nurses to apply evidence-based practice through enhanced assessment, reviews, and analysis of current trends.

The following content enlists important pathophysiology topics in Nursing.

  •         Pathophysiology of cerebral disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of cardiac disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of gastrointestinal disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of Lung disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of Ear, Nose  and Throat diseases
  •         Pathophysiology of uterine diseases
  •         Pathophysiology of pancreatic disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of liver disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of genito-urinary tract diseases
  •         Pathophysiology of pelvic disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of thrombo-venous disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of renal diseases
  •         Pathophysiology of musculoskeletal disorders
  •         Pathophysiology of carcinomas
  •         Pathophysiology of genetic disorders

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How Pathophysiology Benefits Nurses?

Adequate knowledge of PP is extremely useful in the care of anxious patients in hospital settings. Nurses can explain how a particular disease occurs, why and what medical tests are done, and educate patients about the expected outcomes. As a nurse advocate, in some situations, nurses with excellent knowledge of PP can help medical professionals to identify and treat overlooked signs and symptoms. PP helps nurses make nursing care a comfortable aspect. Effective job applications and improved understanding of human organs and biological processes are enabled with PP. Nurses need to possess increased competency in patient-care management and disease management. PP is an important element to make nurses competent in care with an increased number of chronically ill patients and the necessity to work as a team. Improved understanding of PP helps nurses to develop good partnerships with the health care team members.

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Pathophysiology Assignment Help

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