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Writing a book report or a movie review can sometimes be a daunting challenge for students. Especially, when in college or university, the level and standard of book review changes from that of high school.

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For writing a book review or a movie review, one has to look at the book or the movie through the point of view of the author. The view of the author is more important while writing the review. Sometimes, a book or a movie on an abstract concept has to be reviewed. This can make it further more difficult with the already difficult task of writing the review.

So, the best way to write a book review or a movie review is by trying to know the author or the director’s viewpoint, purpose, contention or thesis in the precise manner. This is not an easy task and it requires good amount of practice to accomplish it.

Generally, a book review or a movie review should be typically be not more than a 1000 words. Writing more than a 1000 words can only drag the essay but not add anything to the content. Instead, a practice of concise or precise writing is required. This requires you to rightly identify the author or the director’s intention in creating the work of art in the first place and critically evaluating that work.

The review should not talk about how the characters in the book or the movie evolve around the situation and to critically evaluate those changes and not to summarize the book or movie. This can be a major challenge, as most students can get carried away in summarizing the story, leaving behind no room for the critical evaluation.

Movie Review Writing Help

At this point, an expert advice or help can be a relief. At HWA, our tutors with high qualifications can offer excellent help to students while writing a book review or a movie review. Our tutors, with their years of experience in teaching and writing can offer new perspective and insights about the author’s intention that would’ve been missed otherwise.

Our tutors make the review strong with the help of the following practices which include

  • Discuss about the author or the director’s main argument or line of reasoning.
  • The possible sources that can give rise to such arguments or reasoning.
  • Evaluate the strong points and weak points in the work.
  • And how the book or the movie change the perspective of a reader or a movie-watcher respectively.

These are some of the points that are highlighted by our tutors while providing book review or movie review help to our students.

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At HWA, we are also very much concerned about the originality of the work that we provide. We are 100% against plagiarism and we do not tolerate it. We absolutely know how the academic world looks at plagiarism and hence we avoid it 100% by referencing each and every sentence that we write.  Our works return 0% plagiarism in plagiarism softwares like Turnitin.

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Movie Review Writing Help

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