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About Motivational Strategy and Motivational Strategy Assignment:

Are you struggling with the Motivational Strategies Assignment? Do you need  HRM Assignment  Help?  

Our team of Marketing experts equipped with PhDs and Masters can help on a wide range of Human Resources assignment topics.

Motivation is one of the important concepts in Human Resources. The idea behind motivation is that employees in an organization need to be given a consideration to work. This is either salary or wage. But, apart from this the employee also needs encouragement (a pat on the back) and things like performance incentives apart from the salary. These are the usual motivational techniques used by most managers. 

But, not all employees want the above things. Some employees could be motivated by a different approach and some by another approach. So, managers have come up with motivational strategies based on the psychology of different employees. 

Abraham H. Maslow and Frederick Herzberg are of the opinion that employees are motivated to perform better when offered something that they want, something they believe will be satisfying. Yet many employees are not so motivated faced with such opportunities. Offering employees something they believe is satisfying is necessary but not enough. Employees must believe that they’ll get what they want. They are not motivated to perform better when managers focus on the “offering” and ignore the “believing”.

Employees’ confidence levels are boosted when they believe that (1) they can perform well enough to get what is offered. (2) believing that they will get it if they perform well and (3) believing that what is being offered will be satisfying. 

Motivating individuals to perform

Now each of the three beliefs deals with what employees think will happen if they put out the effort to perform. The first belief deals with the relationship between effort and performance, the second deals with the relationship between performances and outcomes, and the third deals with outcomes and satisfaction.
In the first case, the employee believes that effort will lead to performance. In the second case, the employee believes that performance will lead to outcomes. In the third case, the employee believes that outcomes will lead to satisfaction. 

More than motivation

Motivated employees, however, do not necessarily perform well. The effort that results from motivation is not the only determinant of performance. Motivation and effort are required for performance but alone do not guarantee it. Employees must have the required skills. A motivated but unskilled employee cannot perform well. The work environment must be supportive. A skilled employee who is motivated cannot perform well without the necessary resources like budget, time, information, manpower, equipment, tools, supplies, and good working conditions.  

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